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The Unexpected Ice Storm Imagine going to sleep while freezing rain is falling from the sky. Upon waking up, ice has formed on your trees, your power is out, and trees in your area have split right in half or even worse, branches have snapped off. The trees may look beautiful, but it can become a hazard at any second because a branch might snap off and land on you. That is what happened in Notation’s most recent ice storm. Over 500,000 people in Ontario had no power, which affected many people.

That is unbelievable! The GO Transit was arriving more than an hour late, 68 out of 1500 scheduled flights were cancelled and companies couldn’t run their business. All these companies should’ve had a backup plan in case a crisis occurring such as, if the company was big, they could’ve transferred to another one of the company’s building since big companies usually have more than one workplace. People couldn’t even get ready for Christmas because the power was out.

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Even though an ice storm hadn’t occurred for a long time in Ontario, that shouldn’t give us an excuse of not being prepared because it has happened to us before. The Weather Network had also given us a freezing rain warning, which resulted in an ice storm. An estimated $75 million is the cost for the ice storm cleanup and will take six to eight weeks. Deputy Mayor Norm Kelly stated: “We are relieved to be moving from an emergency phase to restoring people’s ability to move around their neighborhoods. Something good that the government did was they had given people without power grocery gift cards so they could buy food. Around $835,000 worth of gift cards was given out and helped over 8500 families and individuals. After three days there were no more gift cards and all the people who were waiting in line were not pleased because it had wasted their time. Norma Baritones was angry and described the experience as “disorganized and so inconvenient. ” Even though this idea started off well, it didn’t end well because many people went home empty-handed.

Some ways Unitarians could’ve been prepared were to make sure to have backup lights in the house, have an emergency shelter plan and food that could be stored without needing power. A solution is to create a separate fund or reserve of cash in case something like this happens again. They should support all who were affected because one time in Adaptation, they declared a state of emergency and the government didn’t respond. Also, the government has not been trimming the trees as often anymore because they want to save money, but because the trees weren’t trimmed more damages occurred.

They should start trimming the trees again even though they’ll spend money. Overall, the government was not as prepared as they should have. Even though they started to fix the problem right away, less damage could’ve happened. The government did a good deed but there were still many people without food. With the cause of this storm, I think we are now more cautious of what might happen next. We have to remember to always be prepared! Geography By postmodern

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