Environmental Pollution Outline Assignment

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University Of Phoenix Water management- developing various plans to maintain the present and future water demands. It also may include importing state water, developing new resources, using reclaimed water, and managing existing supplies more cautiously. Describe water management and use. Freshwater sources- Is water from the earth surface using glaciers, bogs, ice caps, ponds, lakes, streams and rivers Water supply problems- The demand for water increases yearly.

Water inspiration-The careful use and protection of the water supply. Water use-off stream is water used from its source such as rivers and stream. Then you have Consumptive using which is the use from off stream by plants and animals. Next there is the in-stream usage which is the use of rivers for navigation, hydroelectric power generation, fish and animal habitats and also recreation. Effects of water use and management practices on the environment Short-term effects- Long-term effects- It’s really is a major concern due to climate change of the earth it can be uncertain.

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Three major types of environmental pollution- Water pollution , Air Pollution, Land Pollution Identify type one. Causes Treatments Effects on ecosystem health Effects on human health Identify type two. Identify type three. Global warming Background Describe the Earth’s atmosphere. Describe the Earth’s energy budget. Global warming concepts What makes the Earth warm? – Explain the greenhouse effect. What natural greenhouse gases are associated with the greenhouse effect? What anthropogenic greenhouse gases contribute to global warming?

The future Predicted climate, weather, and ocean changes of increased global warming Potential environmental, ecological, and societal effects from increased global warming Evidence that supports or refutes increased global warming predictions and effects Prevention How might global warming be mitigated? What can you do to decrease the effects of global warming? What political constraints might influence decisions on global warming? As a global society, how can nations and individuals influence policies and practices to mitigate for increased global warming?

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