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Increasing of these pollutions was originat d from natural evolution, and unwise human activities that seriously threatens its environme nt and caused many serious problems to the citizens which led the government to take some actio n. The objective of this essay is to illustrate the situations of air pollution, water pollution and so und pollution in China. Shanghai, Beijing and Nanjing is involved in this article. The first illustration of air pollution is in Beijing. Beijing is the capital city of Chi na and is the home to the approximation of 21 million people.

Thus, many firms are g rowing there. Air pollution here in Beijing is mainly from factories, vehicles and dust from const ructions. The World health organization reported that the particular matter of air pollution i n China is 121 which is a very high level of pollution. Recently Beijing is hit by heavy air pollut ion that the smoggy weather blanketed northern China. In fact, one study of the US emba ssy concluded, “the intense smog returned to haunt the capital despite government vows to addr ess the plague.

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It is the smallest and the most dangerous, with a diameter small enough to deepl penetrate the lungs is recorded at 568 microorganisms per cubic metre. ” According to the World Health Organization, The maximum is 25 micrograms per cubic metre. The phenome non tends to be worst in the winter, when demand for electricity rises for heating. The central government has declared war on pollution and vowed to cut the use of coal in some regions. T he Beijing municipal environmental protection announced earlier this month, January 20 15, although the air pollution dropped to 85. micrograms per cubic metre, it is three times more than what the World Health Organizations recommended. More buildings and factories are being built in Beijing. The dust from the constructions also affects the inner part of the bod y if it’s inhaled. It was reported that the neighbours of the constructing area usually gets sick es pecially in the lungs. Doctors recommended the people to protect using a mask because if the inha lation of dust is too high, the people could have a disease call ‘dusty lung’.

Longterm exposure to air pollution, for example, can lead to chronic respiratory disease, lung cancer and other disea ses. The second illustration will be about water pollution in China from the provinc e, Jiangsu. Jiangsu is the capital Of Nanjing and many Factories are built in this region. W aste from factories was usually thrown into rivers and lakes. Additionally, some water a nimals, including wild animals die because of the toxic waste. For instance, if the waste chemica Is are released into the sea and make the sea animals sick, the animals/ fish can be unsafe for humans to eat.

The world health organization concluded that the PM of the water pollution is at a high level of 70. In fact, 6 Chinese companies have been fined 26milIion dollars for discharging 2 5,000 tonnes of chemical waste into 2 Taizhou River in Jiangsu. According to the Southern We ekly newspaper, the heaviest penalty for contaminating rivers was a fine Of 37. 14million yuan meted out to three defendants in neighbouring Shandong province. Recent studies have shown t hat approximately twothirds of China’s soils is polluted, and the underground water is too conta minated to be able to drink.

Noise pollution in Shanghai is the last illustration. Shanghai with a population f 23 million is one of the busiest cities in China. Noise pollution in Shanghai is wors e while on the contrary air and water quality improved. The Shanghai Environmental Bureau announced that an average of 1 00,000 complaints is received every year, and 27,000 complaints i s about noise pollution. Most annoying sound pollution that is complained is the general str eet noise and renovation of hotel and buildings/ construction. Itamar Medeiros reported, “Road noise on Shanghai streets hit an average of 71. dB during the day while it dropped to 5. 9 dB at night, failing to meet last year’s target. ” This essay has demonstrated grave situation of air pollution in Beijing, water pollution in the province, Jiangsu and sound pollution in Shanghai. We have found that riv ers and lakes in Jiangsu are much polluted. The sound pollution in Shanghai has skyrocketed. However, the situation in Beijing IS going down due to the enormous use of coal to generat e electricity to fulfill the demand for heaters. Overall the pollution in all the three cities has e xceeded the acceptance level.

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