Effect of Air Pollution Assignment

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Acid rain affect aquatic ecosystem as water. So polluted cannot support fish other life forms. Lakes in Sweden, array, Canada & U. S are effected by acidification. Acid rain also images forests to great extent. Growth of trees is affected. About ten million he hectors forests are damaged in Europe. The ozone layer is affected by exhausts from jet aircraft. CUFF (color flour carbon) is a stable compounds used in aerosol propellants in sprayers refrigeration’s & for depletion of ozone layer to the extent of 3%-4%.

In the last 100 years the ozone in the higher atmosphere serves as shield protecting the earth from harmful ultraviolet radiation enters the earth surface & may cause skin cancer. Gaseous effluents from factories pollute the atmosphere. Smoke, dust & articles of carbon, lead etc enter the atmosphere on coal night when bag occurs these particles remain suspended in the air. This condition is called smog. The smog over London in 1 952 resulted in the death of about 4000 persons by suffocation. Accident moving escape of poisonous gases from industries cause illness & death.

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The escape of poisonous gas from pesticides plant in Opal in 1 984 resulted in the death of 1000 person. The accident at Reynolds atomic power plant in the former soviet union in 1 986 caused intensive damage owing to leakage of radioactive material to the atmosphere. Global Problem – Air Pollution Air pollution is global significance unlike water or land pollution. Which are of local or regional effects air pollution transfers the pollutants to water & land or oceans as pollution result of rainfall Air pollution affects plants & animals as well as human being.

In urban environment, pollution of air from automobiles exhausts is so high that people wear faces to protect themselves. The major component Of the biosphere is air without which no life can live, without air pure quality;here can be no healthy life. Clean air is elution rare thing now a day especially in metropolitan cities. Air pollution differs from industry less perennial during working hours and they can drift high or low & in any direction depending on the wind & weather.

Air pollution spreads & has wide impact than other form of pollution. If water is polluted, one can avoid drinking or may drink it purification. But cannot avoid breathing polluted air. This kind of air contain solid & liquid particles such as dust, carbon, hydro-carbon etc which are electrically charged & thus kept in suspension by electrostatic forces. It may also contain gases, which are sinuous in nature Sulfur dioxide, Co, nitrogen, hydrogen vaporous & other substances this must harmful element in Benzedrine.

Air pollution may rise due to domestic fire, which is needed for cooking & heating it is a weak & inevitable source of air pollution. Air pollution is caused by vehicles & other combustion engine with constant increase in transportation, the problem of air pollution have become very acute course we have less vehicle then the west yet pollution level is almost the same. This is mainly because of the poor maintenance of vehicles emitting out poisonous smoke & the absence of any effecting deterrent to play such vehicles on the roads.

Industry is also the main source & it covers all type Of unit,which consume energy in any form. It includes coal, oil, natural gas, electricity or nuclear fission. Dark smoke of industries pollutes the air very much. Thermal power plant also pollutes the air very much. This cause respiratory disease like tuberculosis. It is to be noted that air pollution adversely affects our health as well as ecology. It is a reality that people living in polluted areas are suffering from certain diseases I. E. Lung cancer etc. Than the people living in fresh air.

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