Echo Electronics Leadership Skills Assignment

Echo Electronics Leadership Skills Assignment Words: 671

In the above case study Paul should have portrayed himself as an effective leader within his department this is because as the case study cites imperative problems firstly the department has been changed to a capital incentive workstation that has lead to a decrease in productivity and quality consequently leading to defective products and customer dissatisfaction, poor infrastructure of the workstation, in adequate training lack of financial incentives and furthermore low morale of the workers.

Paul as a manager should have discussed the reports properly and should have taken corrective actions before finally putting the idea into operation that has lead to such devastating results. The actions Paul could have taken after the implementation of the idea, to prevent such complications was firstly proper training that could have given the subordinates proper instructions to operate the workstations effectively, training is an essential part of the job that has to be provided adequately to the workers in order to increase quality productivity and leads to a boost in the workers efficiency as well as skills and knowledge.

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Most importantly customers are the blood life of an organization they are the main source of revenue generation. Thus fulfilling their needs should be the main objective of the whole organization Paul however, should have done some research and taken the customers articulate on the implementation of this idea.

Motivation is the reason why workers work effectively for the organization, Paul as a manager should have provided financial incentives or fringe benefits in order to increase the morale of the workers so that the productivity augments. Moreover, as a manager Paul would have known that the workers would disregard the use of workstation as it leads to a loss of jobs thus economic stability is what working population aims for Paul as a leader should have kept this in consideration before the implementation.

Question 2: As the situation has worsen due to low productivity and low quality levels and the CEO demanding Results in a week Paul will have to take some serious measures and keep in view the important leadership and managerial skills: COMMUNICATE WITH THE SUBORDINATES: Paul should communicate effectively with the employees to know where the tot of the problem is: Pay attention and listen carefully to them, Make notes and sketches and Ask questions and seek them for solutions. Moreover, training might take time as results have to be improved in a week thus Paul will have to gain their trust and provide them with future training programmer.

PLANNING Planning is an important part of everything we do. Paul will have to provide a future planning persona in order to achieve targets he needs to, Consider the task and objectives. Consider the resources??equipment, knowledge, skills, and attitudes. Controlling: Controlling the workers effectively by keeping a check on their activities a encouraging them to work harder, foremost motivating them by offering bonuses and boosting their morale by appreciating them and also by off them fringe benefits to increase productivity and motivation.

Moreover, P needs to work hard to get results this is because the whole situation is top tutor. Thus he needs to improve the infrastructure of the whole workstation to create environmental friendly working conditions so that workers can increase productivity. Moreover before implementing anything Paul need cake the advice of the CEO and ask for more time as every solution will ARQ time. Although the most important of the solutions are to provide training the workers in order to motivate and increase productivity.

Furthermore, said above customers are the blood life of an organization thus Paul need implement customer care preposition in the organization to cover up the and defects without damaging the repute of the organization on the whole customers loss is the biggest trouncing for Paul. Thus he needs to make s whether customers are being satisfied moreover their complaints are take under consideration.

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