Classical Mechanics and Luck Assignment

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When people succeed, it is because of hard work. Luck has nothing to do with success. ” Do you agree or disagree with the quotation above? 1 . Agree with the statement 2. People success because they work hard 3. Isaac Newton 4. On the other and people success but not working hard 5. People can only success after the work hard I agree with the statement the when people succeed it is because of hard work, luck has nothing to do with success. First of all, people success because they work hard if you do not work hard you cannot success.

In our world people always say that when someone success they used one percent of luck and ninety- nine percent of hard work. For example, one of the girls in our table tennis training place she did not pass the test for the university that she wants to go to it is because she spent most the year on playing table tennis and she did not study hard for the test she was going to take. The following year she studied very hard on her test, she sleeps at one o’clock every day and all she does is to study. When her test result comes out she almost get a full score and she go to the est. university in China.

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In her success there is no luck she studied very hard. Secondly, everyone knows Isaac Newton he created the laws of Inertia. When Newton is small, he likes to study and once he is sitting under an apple tree and apple dropped on his head. He thinks very hard about why the apple drops straight from the tree. He keeps doing experiments and he first find out Gravity and the formula for it “G=MGM”. He keeps looking about the force and find inertia, inertia meaner that when a thing is not moving or moving by the speed but when a third force changed it boning direction.

Newton’s success has nothing to do with luck. He almost spent his whole life studding force, if Newton did not study on the force we may still do not know why something will fall. If we work hard, we will success. On the other hand, some people might success with fifty percent of luck and fifty present of hard work. In this case, I am going to talk about a doctor; we all know it is hard to study about the medicals. It always take a doctor ten years to be a real doctor, if a student did a very successful operation because there is no doctors in the capital on that day.

He will be a doctor by the second day and become fame. That is fifty percent of luck. Some other people can success with a hundred percent of luck, sometimes a person’s dad is the big boss of a big company he will become a very powerful man in that company but that is not fear for other people. We can call that a success but it is not a real success because he did not do the work himself. Most times, we need to work Nora to success I would say Tanat never trust luck, because it cannot help you.

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