Causes and Effects of Pollution – Summary Assignment

Causes and Effects of Pollution – Summary Assignment Words: 307

Pollution is very harmful for any living thing, humans, animals or even plants. Pollution affects humans’ health negatively. There are different types of pollution as a result of bad habits. From the kinds of pollution; air pollution, water pollution, food pollution, sound pollution, and visual pollution. Car smoke; the smoke which comes out from the chimneys of the factories, using sprays which negatively affects the ozone layer are from the causes Of air pollution. All these things cause allergy and respiratory diseases.

Another kind is water pollution which takes place due to throwing dead bodies, rubbish of factories in the river Nile. This has a bad effect on the fish and water therefore the food also becomes polluted and harmful as it is watered with the same polluted water. Further more the food pollution may be also caused from the pesticides on the grass which is harmful for human beings and it affects the digestive system. More over the visual pollution is caused from the bad acts of people as writing or drawing on the walls, throwing on the floor, wearing untidy clothes, and rubbish which is found every where.

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All these bad habits lead to an uncivilized scene in front Of our tourists. The last kind is the sound pollution which is caused from using the loudspeakers in addition to the car horns. Also, loud televisions and radios every where affects the sense of hearing. This makes a person unable to concentrate in work. In conclusion, the person who does not breath clean air, does not eat clean food, does not drink clean water and does not live in a clean environment, his health deteriorates, becomes nervous and unable to concentrate in work, so the output will decrease and as a result the society will not progress.

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