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The company also uses 3D technology in creating and printing its tactile graphics wh ich is a durable way of producing uch products. The firm wants to provide a wider selection of reading materials to be used by the visually impaired individuals in their learning. Broadening the pool of knowledge available and easing access to their needed information are the main objectives of the company. Its mission is to provide durable and good quality Braille and Graphic reading materials that will help the individual achieve his full potential. B.

Market Description The firm’s target are visually impaired individuals both male and female ages five (5) to twenty-one (21) years old in Metro Manila who either has severe ow vision, partial blindness or total blindness. Although there is, according to the Resources for the Blind Inc. (RBI) and Philippines National School for the Blind, a ratio Of books to students there is still a gap on the demand and supply of the product. This is due to limited book sources institutions with the same business as the firm has. Some of the books are already out of date and may not be applicable anymore to any existing subject of the student or individual.

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Additionally, the time consumed producing such product is high thus creating a time gap. C. Goals and Objectives Brailliant Printing Solutions will mostly be providing service to students with visual impairment. The company aims to obtain as many copyrights as possible during its five year operation and additionally, after this 5 year sustainable operation, enter into a contract with the Government and National Library to be the licensed Braille printing firm to transform some of their on-collection books into Braille format for the benefit of the “Library of the Blind” department of the Library.

With this stated the company aims to recover its capital on and have constant growth of revenue of 4% yearly. By creating this business, it adds to the growth of the economy and helps the community through payment of taxes and other licensing and registration fees. D. Project Highlight With the quality product the firm can produce and faster production time compared to its competitors, the company will be more preferred in its industry and will be able to help the visually impaired to have easier access to the needed information they are required to obtain.

The company offers wider selection of titles and different types of prints such as: (1 ) Regular Braille and (2) Graphic Prints Brailliant Printing Solutions has a payback eriod of 3. 64 years and has a profitability index of 107%. In addition it has an 18% IRR which indicates that it is safe to invest in the firm if an investor would do such. The decreasing current ratio and acid test ratio indicates that the company could pay its short term obligation. However, it may have problems in converting its short term assets, this problem might be the reason why the ratios are patterned as such.

However all of the profitability ratios ” ROE, ROI, Return on Sales, Gross Profit, Margin and Net profit Margin are continuously increasing thus exhibiting that the company is profitable Furthermore, in rder for the company to be known in the market it would use market penetration as its strategy. This will be done by the use of internet such as websites, blogs and social media, calling cards and brochures, flyers referrals and etc. The group chose cost plus pricing because the proponents believed that it is suitable since the market is not yet saturated and that the group wants to help the visually impaired afford the product.

Our price is lower compared to the others since its price is enough to cover its costs and with just a small percentage of profit. E. Findings and Conclusion Brailliant Printing Solutions will be at a profit all throughout its 5 year operation. This conclusion is based on calculations by the given data from the projected volume of the firm’s product all throughout Metro Manila and necessary deductions in creating the business. With this study, Brailliant Printing Solutions is Feasible enough to enter in this kind of industry given a payback period of 3. 4 years. The company will pave the way for a larger number of literate visually impaired individuals who could be productive citizens of our country despite their disability. Furthermore, the government nd the suppliers will be benefited through their revenues and manpower employment. BUSINESS DESCRIPTION AND OBJECTIVES This chapter is about the general information of the business which includes the name of the business, mission and vision and its objective in different aspects of the business.

A. Business Description Figure l. 1: Proposed Name of the Business Brailliant Printing Solutions, a service company that will locate at 2255 M. V Delos Santos Corner Legarda Street Sampaloc, Manila City, provides Braille printing service to visually impaired individuals. The business will operate as a ull start-up service business which provides an easier access to printed Braille materials. The proposed name of the business is “Brailliant Printing Solutions”.

The first word “Brailliant” was derived from combining two words: Braille which is a tactile writing system used by visually impaired individuals and the word brilliant which means impressive or outstanding that represents our promise to deliver an outstanding Braille printing service. As to the legal form of the business, Brailliant Printing Solutions will be operating as a partnership. The advantage of this form is that it is easier to obtain apital through the share of each partner, easier to establish and with a low start-up cost.

Breakdown of capital contribution for each partner is presented below: Table 1. 1: Partner’s Capital Contribution Companys Vision Brilliant Printing Solutions envisions itself as a premier Braille printing service provider in the Philippines. We pride ourselves by creating possibilities and being of assistance to visually impaired people. Companys Mission To provide a lifelong assistance to visually impaired individuals in achieving their full potential through providing superior Braille printed materials. Our ompany is motivated on delivering great service and forming lasting relationship with our customers.

Position Statement Brailliant Printing Solutions provides easier access to Braille materials for the visually impaired individuals through our high quality printing service. Our company offers these services in a much faster production time for Braille reading material in a more affordable price compared to the competitors. B. Business Objectives Figure 1. 2: ANSOFF Matrix The business with its existing nature will be using market penetration as its growth strategy. The advantage of pursuing this nature of business is that it nvolves very few competitors.

The strategy of market penetration will enable the company to thoroughly develop the current service through operation efficiency, price adjustments and effective promotions. This strategy is intended to the fulfilment of principal objectives set by the company. The principal objectives of Brailliant Printing Solutions are as follows: As to Marketing: To create product awareness among the target market using diverse channel such as radio stations, emails and events. To partner with many authors of books in elementary and high school As to Operation:

To increase the printing capacity through acquisition of additional printer with high volume capacity by the time the company has demand exceeding its capacity To increase the number of employees by the time the company expands its operations to increase customer satisfaction through improved customer service As to Financial: To increase the annual revenue for at least 4% in each year of operation. To recover the investment cost by the end 4th year of operation As to Socio- Economic: To help visually impaired individuals to achieve their full potentials by offering them convenient way of obtaining printed Braille materials.

To aid in the current predicament of limited accessibility to Braille materials. To provide employment, by hiring competent individuals to conduct the business operation. I. MARKETING FEASIBILITY This chapter contains the 4P’s of the marketing principle: Product, Place, Price and Promotion. It also includes the following parts: target market, trade requirements, marketing objectives and strategies and the volume sales projection. A.

Service Description Brailliant Printing Solutions provides service for printing Braille books for visually impaired individuals. Visually impaired individuals are persons with: evere low vision, partial blindness and total blindness. The services provided are divided into two: (1) the ordinary Braille print service which consists of embossed dots on a specialized paper and (2) Graphic prints which uses 3D technology to make the pictures swell in order for the blind to delineate the image in the product.

The file is encoded through a scanner and translated into word format through the use Of Optical Character Recognition software. This is further translated into Braille using the Duxbury Braille Translator software. Graphics, on the other hand, are first designed using 3D software uch as AutoCad and then printed using a 3D printer which uses the same material used in plastic toys. The orders may be finished in a minimum of three days or longer depending on the number of books that the customer ordered and the type of print they chose. . BAFF Matrix Table 11. 2: BAFF Matrix 2. NSP-p-usp Table 11. 3: NSP-P-USP Model Need Individuals with visual impairment have limited access to reading materials because there are only a few books printed to fit their special need Situation The current ratio of Braille book per student is 1:1 which is not sufficient to over the needs of the students for Braille books. Books that are printed in Braille are only limited to the DepEd approved titles.

Person Target market is the studying population ages five (5) to twenty-one (21) years old who are enrolled in either kindergarten, elementary, high school or college (bachelor and associate degrees). The business caters to total blind, partially blind or severe low vision individuals. Service Description The business offers both Braille and graphic prints. The former refers to the usual embossed dots on Braille paper while the latter, using 3D technology, hotos or images are embossed so that the disabled client could touch it in order for him to delineate the particular image.

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