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The thing They recently acquired Eagle semiconductor division, and in the negotiation they made a deal that Eagle will keep its autonomy when it comes to management. Concerns to this deal: low inventory accuracy levels reported for Eagle warehouses. (Invites De precision ball De inventory) Decisions: allow them to keep operating with several regional warehouses or move the inventory to Arrow ‘s large (PDP) Primary Distribution Centers.

Ella SE dad cement De 10 Important queue sees el completion del lasted y la preciseГ??n en Los records del Inventory y com ha defended la cause en la compare. Started as inventory Clerk, he passion was ensuring that inventory data ( stored in manual system) was accurate as possible. Physical audit revealed accuracy in inventory records. With time arrow’s operating process SE costumers a Los altos invites De compliment del Sisters y no Audubon De la precision del sisters al tomato declines.

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CreelГ?? en 35 mans De 10 melons a 10 billions en events, la increased De compactor Info y major el reemployment operative memento. Ententes l complement del classmates y protocol en Los dados del Inventory NCAA habit sold mass importance. Industry 2002 Distribution of electronic was a BIB industry worldwide and BIB in AN. Growth from 1970-2000 has been strong 13%. Annual. 1970 the top 5 distributors had 25% of industry revenue, in 1990 the market share was over 60%. Competitors Vent + Arrow = lass 5 Product Semiconductors, peripherals, software.

Supplied from 200 different manufacturers (Intel, Motorola, Texas Instrument and AMP) Manufacturer C] 70% of their product sold to large industrial customers, 30% through distributors sold to small and tedium and large customers. Distributors where one stop shopping and rapid delivery + credit card + value adds services(assembly, packing, programming) . History Founded In 1935 as a retailer of radio components. 1992 the largest electronic parts and computer products distributor in the world. 2002 0 12450 personae trainbands, 40 passes (N+S)A + E + AP . Ever 202 branch offices (excursuses) and 23 PDP. ( AN 55 branches, 5 PDP) 175,000 clients, 600 providers. Sales 7. 4 B. Revenues 0 semiconductors 56%, commercial computers products 22%. In Dalton to revolving electronic parts and computer products they also engaged value-added services (that supports clients from product conception to it s delivery) Prospects De valor: durra a clients diseased y oftener parties y products queue necessitate al pr??cis, tempo y Lugar correct. How? Inverting en nun furze De events global, y en escapades Para nun logistics De class mindful.

Sales force located in branch sales offices(excursuses De volcanic De events) consisting en; FSP (File Sales Representatives) most of the time in customer sites, and with design engineers to understand projects ND promote+explain new products offered by Ass suppliers. Time in purchasing personnel, build relationships, negotiate contracts and resolve problems with flow of orders and deliveries. A FSP had 10-20 customers. SUMO branch based sales personnel, handle daily interactions with purchasing agents, check delivery availability, daily prices, taking orders, tracking shipments. A SMS has 25-40 customers.

We also had Product Managers that work on behalf of suppliers and make sure that FSP are outdated on suppliers latest products, and FEE (Feels Applications Engineers) offered customers assistance, support and training. Operations at Arrow Para complier la prospects De valor SE require tenet attention ante lass operations. Operating Process: consists of physical and info flow. (million steps) Challenges ensure that the steps of the POP were consistent with each others and that the execution was as it was supposed to be. Have in mind: each mayor geographical area operated independently, but within them they were integrated. Operations: 1 .

Order Taking Through phone calls to SMS ‘s. They used an interface called : “Sales Desktop” that had info from Arrow’s Mainframe System on cost, availability of each art in inventory. It allowed to view product info (cost, availability) and customer info (size, buying partners). When a call turned into an order SMS entered the order in the Sales Desktop, this order was sent to GM (General manager from the branch of sales office for review and release. El pr??cis no SE cambial per is SE el nosebag al SMS a hacker nun Buena decision. GM used a review process to coach SMS. Two type of orders: a. Book and ship: delivered within 2-3 days.

Product/part must be shipped from PDP the same day. B. Scheduled orders: requested deliveries weekly or monthly. Lass redden social seer modifications enter la caloricГ??n De nun order y expediteГ??n. Average size: $900, most where single line item others had 50 line items. Average: 1. 4 line items per order. SMS paid on commission: 4-5% of the gross margin generates. Average: Top: 100,000 They also receives orders through e-commerce. They can have in-plant terminals. Receiving and Storing Lass cocas reran invades De Los providers a Arrow’s Pods. In AN arrow had 5 PODS 3 with electronic components and 2 with computer products.

Demand: West Coast (36%), Midwest 1. NYC . Semiconductors, 90,000 pies, $MM,shipped per day 2634. 2. NV, nonconductors, 350,000 Pies, $MM, 3646. Receive a 10 largo del did, el 80% De Los receives occurrence antes De media did. UPS,Faded,LET carriers. In Pods, receiving operators unloaded packages and sorted them into: single,multiple, or bulk and forwarded them to a receiving station. Here quantity, date code, country of origin, and part number were verified against order discrepancy it was reported within a RD (Receiving Discrepancy Report) and send the product too Receiving Nonconforming Area. 1. % Pappas poor est. area debit a errors De attributes flicks. I coinciding Store Ticket (nonmember del pop CEQ 10 reciteГ??). Pone el product en nun cal queue logo la pone en UN transported. The Store Ticket is reader by a scanner that indicates the storage zone code,temporary storage locations. Storing operators work in one zone, fill their carts with bin boxes travel to the assigned zone. In here the operator stores the product in any available location in the shelves. Nun fez 10 hack Cannes la etiquette De localization y el coding De barras del store ticket y tort check a location label and done. This info was sent to the WHAMS.

Cart holds: 50-75 bin boxes Storing Operators: store 40 products per hour. Order Fulfillment The mainframe system, converted orders to shipping instructions to PDP by releasing the order to the WHAMS. Is habit inventory Para la orders ordered reran invades entertainment a Los Pods. Is no habit inventory SSE trash la order y SE envied a PDP hast queue hay inventory disposable. Ordered programs: la order era invade 3 aids antes del did flood. Ass titian UN did Para picking y impact y 3 aids Para el environ. Most Pad’s Managers tried to ensure that all Pick Tickets were shipped the same day. Brookhaven, NY PDP 95% same day shipping. On all orders that arrive before pm) In Pods 60% of the orders were book and ship, 30% schedules and 10% backlogged. Operators asked for the earliest pick orders, the ones with expedited shipment assumption queue son lass mass cars is SE retreats. Un object podia seer guarded en mochas locations, ententes Para leggier la location del product De sea order utilization FIFO. Busy days last 3 days of month. Intelligent FIFO… More productivity. Busy periods exclusive. 3% of picks were sent to the non-conforming area. Typical picking operator : 15-20 picks per hour. Cobras shipping, expediting shipping was bayed by them. Systems

Sales Desktop: interface between SMS and MS. Quote prices . No even en queue PDP est., usual is podia versos prodding cellular major el pr??cis poor shipping. Mainframe System: kept the customer inventory, sales and purchase order. WHAMS: received instructions from MS in each PDP. Tracking physical flow or objects. Important for PDP operations, vital role in the supply chain execution. Facilitated movement of material. Random store of material, vaporization of Pick Tickets, batching pick tickets, pick with FIFO or intelligent FIFO. States: Arrow is DEPENDENT on the accuracy of the information contained in the systems. Developed in house.

Much importance a Los detailed operational en el dose De Los stemma De info. They updated within the day. Inventory records were highly accurate. How? Los process queue tine Para media systematically el inventory. Y poor com correcting y noncombatant errors en el inventory. La responsibility Dee encounter y corridor errors SE lass Dan a la gent De naive ball del almanac no a Los egresses De offline. No sales person involved in inventory, movement should be that all warehouses and sales offices report accurately and in time all inventory and sales related to transactions. Reduce inventory loses, accurate recordings,

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