Annotatedon Cause/Solution of Global Warming Assignment

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Global warming has been a huge issue for over a decade now. There has been much research on car emissions, water pollution, recycling, and other ways to turn green, However, most people have not recognized the biggest contributor to global warming. Architecture is responsible for almost half of the world’s energy consumption, a whopping sixty quadrillion Buts worth of energy.

Of course, this research comes with a solution. Some people believe that global warming Is costly to our economy and is not worth the effort. With this new research, there will be no added cost. Basically, it is a free solution. Mazurka, Edward. “It’s The Architecture Stupid! ” Editorial. Solar Today May-June 2003: 48-51. Mazurka. Mazurka. Com, May-June 2003. Web. 5 June 2013. In this magazine article, Mazurka is one of the first people to research energy consumption of buildings all around the United States.

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He took a to of statistics and pointed out that with commercial, residential, and Industrial buildings (not the parts of industries that actually pollute) is responsible for 47% of all energy consumption in the US. He explains that it is possible to reduce this energy consumption by a third within twenty years If the US acts now by educating future architects on how to design “greener buildings. This new research is the key to lowering the global thermostat, which is on the rise as we speak. All It takes Is education.

It doesn’t even cost extra money for research cause we already know how to make cleaner buildings. For example, a library in Mount Airy, North Carolina is one of the first public buildings to be “green. ” If the US starts this Initiative, then we will have a cleaner, brighter world for future generations. “The Great Global Warm up. ” American Policy Roundtable. American Policy Roundtable, 2007. The American Policy Roundtable (PAR) is a group of politicians, economists, political scientists, etc. That posts their opinions on many federal, state, and global issues.

This article is on global warming. They make eight points about why global warming does not even exist and even if it did, it would not be an issue. The biggest and most relevant point they make Is the fact that our attempt to stop global warming has cost us billions and is one of the reasons we are in an economic crisis. The reason I bring the PAR up in my paper is because of that point. When It Is narrowed down. The biggest Issue is always cost. The best part about educating future architects on designing environmentally-friendly buildings is that it is free.

It will not cost the government anything unless they wanted to promote architecture jobs. However, all the state governments need to do is to start implementing the teaching of how to design “green” buildings in their public universities. Villager, Maggie. “The Arctic: Our Global Thermostat. ” PBS. PBS, 2004. Quickly they are melting. She points out that the ice melting increasing exponentially as the temperature rises. The more the ice melts, the more rocks get exposed; the more rocks exposed, the more radiation/heat gets absorbed; the more radiation/heat absorbed; the more ice melts.

It is a vicious cycle that gets worse and worse. The average temperature in Alaska has increased by four degrees. That is a dramatic change compared to the past. This is one of the many research experiments that have proven that global warming is apparent. The PAR also made a point on their site that there have been periods of warming on the planet before. However, Villager proves that the warming is much faster and more dramatic than before. It also shows that if we are going to try to save this planet, then we need to act immediately.

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