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“Air pollution is a serious problem in many of the worlds large cities. Heavy concentrations of air pollutants, which are often in the form of smog, settle over a city, creating a health hazard for its people. Air pollution occurs when wastes dirty the air. People produce most of the wastes that cause air pollution. Such wastes are usually in the form of gases. These substances result chiefly from burning fuel to power motor vehicles and to heat buildings. Industrial processes and the burning of garbage also contribute to air pollution. Natural pollutants include dust, pollen, soil particles, (100

Words) and naturally occurring gases. ” (Encyclopedia) “The rapid growth of population and industry, and the increased use of automobiles and airplanes, have made air pollution a serious problem. The air we breathe has become so filled with pollutants that it can cause health problems. Polluted air also harms plants, animals, building materials, and fabrics. In addition, it causes damage by altering the earth’s atmosphere. ” In and article published by THE NEWS in New Mexico they warned “If current environmental protection policies are no unforced, pollutants in city air will increase one million tons annually by year 2010. News) (Encyclopedia, The “Air pollution (100 Words) can have a huge effect on health. When people breathe polluted air, the impurities can irritate their air passages and their lungs. Particles often stay in the lungs and can worsen symptoms such as asthma and bronchitis. Radon can cause lung cancer in inhaled in large quantities. Certain chemical compounds can cause cancer and birth defects also. ” “Air pollution has also been linked to heart attacks” claims an article in the Health Scout News. “The study adds to the evidence linking particles from automobile exhausts, power plants, and refineries to heart problems. (Encyclopedia, Health Scout News) “The Ignited States does (1 00 Words) try to control air pollution. All levels of government federal, state, and local have passed laws designed to control pollution. Congress passed the Air Quality Act in 1967. Under this act, the federal government sets goals called air quality standards for achieving cleaner air. The states must enforce air pollution controls to meet the goals. When states fail to enforce the regulations, the federal government can act against the polluters by imposing fines.

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However the lack of funding to enforce these regulations has allowed some polluters to continue releasing harmful pollutants for years. ” (Encyclopedia) There are many ways we can decrease (1 00 Words) air pollution here are just a few from the California Air Resources Board: – Carpool – Walk or ride a bike – use public transit – Try to make your home more energy efficient – use EPA approved appliances If everybody can use more energy efficient ways of doing things it will be better for all of us in the long run.

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