Air Pollution: Is Their a Solution Assignment

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Pollutants can get trapped inside buildings causing indoor pollutants to become trapped for a long time. Air pollutants are both caused by naturally and comes from human activity. We humans have produced an increasingly amount of pollution as time have progressed through history. We account for the majority of pollutants releases into the air. Since it is air the pollutants are able to travel easily. This fact has made if a global problem. This is diverse subject and has been an issue of conflict and global cooperation and participation. Tons of pollution also enters the air wrought evaporation.

Evaporation come gas that turns into liquids. Examples of this would be gas stations, refineries and service stations. Up until recently environmental pollution problems have been local and minor due to our earth’s ability to purify problems and absorb miner quantities of pollutants. Since then we have become an industrialized society introducing moisturizer vehicles and the overgrowth of population has contributes toward our growing air pollution problem. Some areas suffer more than others. Cites have a larger amount of people which means more things like automobiles. A more rural area may have more use, in larger quantities, of coal.

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This makes both areas more vulnerable to problems that derive from air pollution. Primary pollutants from urban areas are usually carbon monoxide, sulfur oxides, nitrogen oxides, hydro carbons and particulate matter which can both a solid and liquid. The pollutants can cause serious health problems because they can dispense in high concentrations. For example, when there is a volcanic eruption massive injection of sulfur dioxide and particulate matters are releases into the air. Unfortunately we cannot escape Air pollution. We need to continue to find solutions to the problem. Will we ever live Air pollutant free?

A question I am not sure how to measure. Humans and animals are affects by this issue. Our pollution is responsible for major health problems. And every year numbers that reflect how many people are affected to rise. There are so many different chemicals in the air we are bound to be infects in a negative way. Depending on what chemicals people are exposed to how long they are exposed and in what concentration they are exposed to will determine how sick they can get. Some students estimate that 50,000 people own are killed annually because of air pollution. Among those people how many were elderly? How many are children?

Why is it that elderly people and children or more at risk than the average adult? This is another question that is left to one’s own interpretation. Diseases like bronchitis, lung cancer and heart diseases may appear in people that have been exposed to air pollutants. It is hard to know exactly what pollutants are responsible for causing sickness. Mixture of a variety of pollutants can intensify a sickness and that makes it hard to isolate which pollutant caused or effects. A critical actor in determining the potential harm that airborne pollution can cause to the population is the particle size.

The size of the particle dictates how deeply into the lung the particle penetrates. Larger particles don’t penetrate deep in the lung and is effectively excreted. This minimizes the harm that the particle can cause. The effects are so diverse and numerous. We know it can affect our health but it is also has harmful effects on our natural ecosystem. An ecosystem is a habitat that consists of living and non-living parts which interacts to form a stable living environment. Air pollutants can kill plants and Reese by destroying their leaves. Animals also can die from air pollutants especially fish that live in highly polluted rivers.

More and more carbon dioxide is being releases into the air with the burning of the rain forest. Trees inhale 9,400 liters of carbon dioxide and that produces 12 kilograms of carbohydrate. This process frees the liter of oxygen. This regenerated air is sufficient for the respiration of 2 to 3 people (Brewer 1). We recognized this process not all producing the same amount of oxygen. Sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides causes direct damage to leaves of crop plants and trees hen they enter the pores of the leaves. Air pollution is an ecological problem having to do with toxins in the air.

If pollution continues as bad as it is the ozone layer will eventually become depleted and allow ultra violet rays in the Earth. This will continue to cause things like skin cancer, global warming and other problems. The ozone layer protects our planet from harmful ultraviolet radiation and ozone depletion is believed to contribute to high rates of skin cancer in countries like Australia. The Montreal Protocol in 1987 which restricts the man-made pollutants such as CIFS would lead to an zone recovery by the year 2050. Humans make use of the forest for different industries and that is one of the main living contributors causing problems.

Also different forms of transportation are use worldwide today. As long as theses transports run on fuel there will always be an air pollution problem. By not burning things like plastic or using aerosol products we can help prevent some pollutants that are released into the air. These small things can make a big difference over time. Human impact can be positive to the ecosystem and lead to climate changes due to an increase in the atmosphere. Presently there are many sustainability strategies and solutions that are initiated by the government, various programs and civic groups to help reduce air pollution.

Clean Air Acts and the increased use of solar power over the use of coal power. We have also created some electric cars. The pollution caused by gasoline powered cars will become less. We need to look at what happens if precautions like these are not taken life will eventually become nonexistent. That is why currently scientist and car manufacturers are producing vehicles that run off batteries and air. So many attempts have en made to stop air pollution. The Clean Air Act did not work although it was effective for awhile. The act did make some polluting substances illegal.

People however choose not to listen. Solar energy is another form of a solution. This type of energy is a good alternative energy source to coal. This form of energy is expensive but is used throughout the world. However one of the more effective ways of eliminating air pollution is electric cars. The cars are run on batteries instead of gasoline or other fuels. The downside to manufacturing these cars are more expensive to maintain and more expensive to produce. If we make ecological safe and inexpensive cars like electric cars pollution that is caused by gasoline would go down.

The globe heats up at a rate of . 2 degrees a year. This will continue to melt the ice caps directly causing the water level to rise by 200 feet. If this happens most of the earth will become flooded. Our ecosystem is very fragile. Compare it to a weaving basket. If all the strands are not placed properly then you end up with a basket that has holes and open spaces that are left for anything to enter. My sustainability plan would need the help of local government and DOD leaders that can be placed on the board. The local government and leaders would rise funding for the programs.

After research is doe and some things have come into place, the board would invite the community. The committee can present a presentation that would allow the community to see what he committee has been working on. Long term and short term goals should have been reached by the time of the presentation. Information on burning coal, plastics and using things like air sprays and candles. We want to show them how to use CEO friendly safe products and advise them of the long ND short term effects. Education is the main key to reducing air pollution.

Deforestation, environmental activists hope to reduce and eventually prevent problems that lead to global warming. Awareness has also increased because of thee media. The attention is making more and more people of the issue with air pollution. Hopefully this will help the government as well as individuals become more responsible for the activity that occurs on our planet. The government, factories and business owners have the ability to reduce air pollution drastically. The government needs to take more action y requiring businesses and factories to cut down on equipment that produce hydrocarbons.

If we regulate these things than we can save billions dollars in the long run and health reduce health problems for people and other species. The government can also pass restrictions laws for these factories and businesses. The factories and businesses may realize how much pollution is being produced. Careful use of environmental resources is the most important goal of environmental and spatial planning. The issues and tasks range from sustainable regional development, through residential placement, to environmental building projects and local projects in different areas.

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