Air Pollution – Assignment

Air Pollution – Assignment Words: 486

It will never end stop, and it will continue to increase with the growing population and the advancement of technology. Air pollution is not always caused by humans, natural events such as sand Storms, cause poor air quality for the region. Indoor pollution can be very dangerous as well as outdoor pollution because of the different things that humans do. Indoor pollution is mostly caused by human activity. You cannot put whatever you want into the atmosphere, so there are government agencies that create laws and establish acts to regulate air pollution.

The Environmental Protection Agency for example, has some pollution control laws for the earth, air, and water. The Environmental Protection Agency created the Clean Air Act in 1970 and was established to prevent and control air pollution and regulate air emissions through National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NANAS). Also, the Pollution Prevention Act created in 1 990, was established to reduce or eliminate pollution and to improve technology, manufacturing, and products in order to lower pollution levels.

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Many steps how been taken by our overspent to help our air quality. There are more vehicles than ever out on the road and smog is a major concern. The government forces owners of their vehicles to pass a smog check inspection in order for the Department of Motor Vehicles to register the vehicle. Government action toward indoor pollution in public areas has caused a lot of controversy over the years with the new laws being passed. Smoking is no longer allowed near schools, in most restaurants, some casinos, and many other public places.

Air pollution as not affected my life at all yet, but I feel for the people who are sensitive to the air because have friends and family who have allergies and are sensitive to the air. I think people can help the air quality by driving less and quit smoking cigarettes. Not an easy task but it would help indoor and outdoor pollution. People should carpool more and ride a bicycle more, but people are too lazy for that trend to catch on. I know people who smoke in front of their kids and do not think that it is a big deal.

I hate the smell of cigarettes ND I can avoid it, but the poor children have no choice. I would ban cigarettes in every building if could. It would make it that much difficult for smokers and might encourage them to quit. It would save smokers money and would reduce second hand smoke. The only place that would be affected by banning cigarettes would be casinos. I understand where money would be lost there but that is about the only thing I can think of that would not benefit. It is simple. Humans need to put more effort into helping air pollution. Too many people die from it.

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