Air Pollution and Plant Deciduous Trees Assignment

Air Pollution and Plant Deciduous Trees Assignment Words: 293

Veneer, Inc is a manufacturer of paints for home, businesses and institutions’. The company also supplies coasting for manufactured product and automotive parts. Veneer is a diversified company that also manufactures pain cans, aerosol can, brushes, roller and other paint applicator. Veneer is situated on the outskirt of an urban area that has grown out and around the plant.

Residential neighbor are located closely on all sides and public concern is environmental matters is at a higher level nationally than ever. Previously, the site has been inspected by DOD & E and LASSES which they found the plant in compliance with the regulatory requirement There are complaints concerning the air pollution caused the plant. Obviously, there are two different sources affecting the air in Hysteron: the fugitive dust and stack emissions.

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In other to enhance the environmental program Veneer took some steps in reducing the pollution such as establishing control over all new projects that are part of pollution control effort, continually reviewing the operation of the plant and strengthened the environmental group of Veneer. From my own point of view, think the residents are gunning for zero emission which is not possible in this situation. In order to reduce pollution in the area, have recommendations for both the residents and the plant Possible solution for the residents

Plant deciduous trees in locations around their home to provide shade in the summer, but to allow light in the winter. Check daily air quality forecasts Clean frequently to remove dust and molds Possible solution for the plant They should reduce the use in their methane They should be gunning for technologies or equipment upgrades that reduce or eliminate equipment venting or fugitive pollution,

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