Air Pollution and Its Health Impacts on Three Cities Assignment

Air Pollution and Its Health Impacts on Three Cities Assignment Words: 822

Mexico City and New York. Researcher found that increased mortality from air pollution was much higher in Asia than in other world regions because Of the industrial affluent from factories. ( Fizz and Strum, 2000) And the air pollution in cities is much more serious than in countryside. In Bangkok, transport is the most serious problem, and in Mexico City, arbitration is the serious problem, also in New York, industrial areas caused more serious problem than others. An air pollutant is known as a substance in the air that can cause harm to humans and also natural ecosystems.

As a consequence of population increase, city development and a growing number of motor vehicles on its roads, Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, has experienced serious air pollution problems. (UN HABITAT, 2010) In Mexico City, industrial growth, a population boom (from three million in 1950 to some 20 million today), and the proliferation of vehicles are caused serious air pollution. (Marcela Yip and Pierre Mad, 2000) New York also has the problem of transport, manufacture, and population, the difference between Bangkok and Mexico City is the alluding boilers in winter and high temperature.

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According to Physicians for Social Responsibility (USSR), residents of New York could experience increased health risk as a result of climate change. The International Panel on Climate Change projects a four-degree rise in average temperature for the state of New York over the next century. Higher temperatures will result in increased heat-related illnesses and death, particularly for the elderly. (Protest, 2001) Air pollution is effecting three of these three cities. Many disease will be caused by air pollution without their becoming apparent for a long time.

Diseases such as bronchitis, lung cancer, and heart disease may all eventually appear in people exposed to air pollution. According to The World Health Organization states that 2. 4 million people die each year from causes directly attributable to air pollution. (Gail Robinson, 2005) Air pollutants such as ozone, nitrogen oxides, and sulfur dioxide also have harmful effects on natural ecosystems. They can kill plants and trees by destroying their leaves, ND can kill animals, especially fish in highly polluted rivers. Air pollution has many disastrous effects that need to be curbed.

In order to accomplish this, governments, scientists and environmentalists are using or testing a variety of methods aimed reducing pollution in these cities. The Royal Thai Government has adopted a number of measures to mitigate Bankbook’s air pollution problems, focusing on maintaining a good quality of life for the general public. To provide transport alternatives and decrease the number of vehicles on the roads, Bangkok developed a new public transport yester, featuring a subway line and an above-ground Strain, in 2004.

What’s more, Bangkok is now working to expand the distance reachable by Strain, which will help ensure good air quality even while the population increases. (LINE HABITAT, 2010) Like in Bangkok, the Mexico City Metropolitan Area (MICA), also recognized that transportation has proved to be a major pollution source in Mexico City. So the strategies in Mexico City are aims to reduce or control atmospheric pollution has to include a transportation improvement program. The main programs to combat air pollution in the

MICA are: control the number Of private cars in use at a given time to reduce the use of private vehicles, encourage car owners to use public transport and adopt car-pooling. (Marcela Yip, 2000) As in Bangkok and Mexico City, New York also has made important efforts in order to reduce air pollution. Such as hybrid cabs, greener municipal construction, smoking ban, reduce sulfur, discourage car use and promoting rail. (Gotcha Gazette, 2005) Although all of these three cities measure some good strategies, I think the most effective strategy to reduce air pollution is in New York.

For example, Hybrid Cabs: by combining a conventional internal combustion engine with an electric motor powered by batteries, hybrid vehicle, can operate more efficiently than standard cars of a similar size, use less fuel, and produce fewer emissions. On September 15, the Council passed legislation setting stricter environmental standards for the construction and rehabilitation of municipal buildings, including schools, hospitals and city offices. This strategy can save energy and other natural resources to reduce pollution.

What’s ore, according to one estimate, eighty percent of the city’s added danger from air pollution comes from cars, trucks and other vehicles, so Discourage Car Use and Promoting rail are the good strategies for us to make the city’s air cleaner. (Gotcha Gazette , 2005 ) As a conclusion, it can be said that air pollution is located in the atmosphere, is able to travel easily. So air pollution is a global problem and has been the subjects of global cooperation and conflict. Governments need to take some measures to solve this problem, also for us, each person can use their power o make the earth become better.

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