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The Superego has taught humans to love and are, which includes taking care of the ones they love with more care than necessary for survival, a. K. A. Spoiling children. (Humans are some of the only creatures that require such a long period of time for full development). The old- (nature) the bare, annalistic instincts at the core Of each individual such as the need for food and reproduction that make all living things get what they want/need immediately- is, naturally, the more aggressive/possessive of the two, because it gets a person whatever they want when they want it, and said person will do anything to get it.

In a strictly survival-instincts-or-die situation, the old takes control over the human body and mind, making one become seemingly harsh and hostile. Take Rehashed, for example. Although he abides by his society laws, his Id rules over his brain when he’s not in public. When he comes home, his wants and needs- food, sex, etc. – take over, especially when Miriam or Leila upsets him, in which case he does his best to snuff out the problem with a good beating just the way an animal would.

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Miriam, on the other hand, has a nice mixture of both, seeing as she goes exactly what she needs to survive, but yearns the affection from a few others while lovingly tending to Aziza and Leila. As she grew up, Miriam had to deal with more and more- losing Nana, marrying Rehashed, etc. -?? that made her exterior hard and nearly impenetrable, thanks to her quick mind for getting done what was needing to be done, but when Leila and Aziza came along, they broke through her hard shell to replenish those feelings she had forgotten, the feelings of love.

Leila had to deal with losing her parents, but throughout her whole life, she felt things- her nurture side- rather than do hem instinctively, which allowed her to stand up to others and not take their harsh words lightly, and be able to be a loving mother to Aziza and Kalmia. Things like this include refusing to deal with Rasher’s physical and emotional abuse and loving Atari for the kind-hearted man he was instead of rejecting him because he had an injury, as an animal would have (survival of the fittest).

Once she and Miriam bonded with the tea, more feelings and protective instincts arose and she became a more balanced individual overall. For the children, they just want love and attention, which shows both nature ND nurture, since it’s their Ids for their wanting the love immediately, whereas it is their Superegos to receive the love and affection from Leila or Miriam. As these kids grow up, they take in their surroundings and learn from them, like Kalmia acting like his father and Aziza like Miriam (and Atari, once she finally meets him).

As we grow, we take in everything that happens and those things shape our lives in whatever way they will. For some, they take matters into their own hands- Miriam killing Rehashed- and decide to change things because they aren’t satisfied with the results they got in the iris place, and with others, they will sit back and watch the grass grow, quietly learning rather than doing anything about problems they will face- like being slapped for a wrongdoing, told not to do it again, and respecting that person’s wishes with no talking back, the way Miriam was until Leila came into her life and changed it forever.

As for nature and nurture, there will never be an answer, because both are part of our lives every single day, telling us to either steal the candy bar because you’re hungry or leaving it because that’s not the right thing to do.

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