A Thousand Splendid Suns – Book Report Assignment

A Thousand Splendid Suns – Book Report Assignment Words: 854

As a child Miriam has complicated feelings for both her mother and father. Nana, the mother of Miriam is very stubborn all though she protects and cares for her daughter. As a child Nana tires to teach Miriam about life and how she should view in a way. Maria’s father, Jail, on the other is very wealthy man who lives in the wealthy part of Afghanistan were he has three wives. Jail visits Miriam once a week. Miriam shows a great deal of respect to her father as he treats her very nicely. In fact, she respects him so much that she wanted to go and live with him.

It was her birthday wish on her 1 5th birthday does go and see Pinochle. Jail agrees and but never shows up to take her to watch the film. When Miriam arrives at his hose he does not let her in, so she has no choice but to sleep on the street. The next morning Jail’s driver takes Miriam back home where she sees that her mother has committed suicide. This is the novel starts off. After, Miriam is forced into a marriage with an abusive husband named Rehashed who lives in Kabul, Afghanistan.

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The second part of the novel is purely about the early of Leila and her friendship with Atari. They end up conceiving a baby, but when Atari finds out he decides to leave. This is the reason why Leila decides to Mary Rehashed which she would his second wife. She only does so that she can save her child. The third part of the novel is about the friendship that Leila and Miriam build as they both have the same husband. Finally the fourth part of the novel describes the later life the Leila has with Atari. It also reflects and shows the friendship that she had Miriam.

They main conflict in the novel is all about the two main harassers of the novel Leila and Miriam and their awful husband Rehashed. He is very abusive although at first Miriam was deceived as she thought that he was a nice and respectful man. Later she would come to and senses and realized he is the complete opposite. Rehashed does many harsh things like forcing Miriam to eat pebbles as punishment. He also does not feed Leila or he daughter for three days. However, the book in a way shows and represents how women do not have many rights in the country of Afghanistan even to this day in real life.

It shows just how much more men are more dominant than women and how many Of the men to do not treat them properly. This then leads to inequality. During the novel we come to realize that there is no equality. The novel really shows how the male are much more dominant than women in Afghanistan. The main problem is that women are beaten by their husbands but also that they are forced to dress in a certain way and that that are not allowed to leave the house without male company. This is just a few ways that which explain the inequality but there re indeed many more.

Throughout out the book Miriam and Leila decide to fight back against this inequality and Leila decides to break the rules and visit her daughter. Every time she visits her daughter she would be beaten my men on the street. This then leads to Miriam deciding to kill Rehashed as she simply had enough of his dominance of herself and Leila. The novel is about two contrasting lives. One being showing the modern life where women would be smoking wearing their types of clothes that they want and getting an education or working where they want. So here we can see they have almost complete freedom.

On the other hand however, Leila and Miriam are forced to wear a Burma and aren’t even allowed to leave their house unaccompanied. Both of them are jealous of the freedom that some ladies have. The novel is written in third person, but the narrators alternates between Leila and Impair. As throughout different chapters he may be writing about one and then the next he will be explaining the other. In other words we get the read both of their minds. The setting of the A thousand planned suns is in mainly in Kabul, Afghanistan and is between the time of asses and early asses.

It mainly shows the change of Afghanistan during these 40 or so years as it shows the soviet invasion and the rise of the Taliban. To concluder the novel in my opinion was interesting at times. However it did not keep me interesting throughout the whole novel. In other words, if I didn’t have to read the novel wouldn’t have. This is just my opinion; personally do not like novels like these. I would much rather read and autobiography of someone that admire. This is my most truthful opinion.

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