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Based on the information obtained from various sources and Yell’s website, it shown that Yell has grown from the only one classified directory company in Brighton, UK in 1966 to be a leading international company with size of 5,300 employees which provide an useful guidance and information for their customer in the classified advertising market in the United Kingdom, the United States, Spain, Chile, Peru and Argentina at this time.

Yell create and receive their earnings by giving an opportunity for buyers to be linked with a simple procedure with their sellers through an integrated portfolio and low-cost advertising products which is available online, over the phone and printed. From a simple way like this, the company become known and famous in the whole world because they can provide what are the requirement from their buyers and sellers. With this assignment, firstly I would like to give a brief explanation about the definition and purposes of TQM.

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Furthermore, I would like to describe the implementation of TQM application, thus the achievement of the company for conducted TQM application. Definition and purpose of TQM There is a lot of definition from total quality management due to many gurus like Deming, Crosby, Juran, Feigenbaum and Ishikawa. However, they are classified the theory in different ways, but still the concept and spirit remained the same. Total quality management can be defined as business management strategy that has been created to increase the quality of products and services from the company to provide and maintain customer satisfaction.

It has been introduced since 1950s and this business management strategy becomes more known and famous to be adopted in large companies since late of 1980s. This strategy was made and provided to maximize customer’s satisfaction regarding the services and products of the company. Thus, it can be defined as a continuous improvement strategy to achieve and maintain objectives from the company. In addition, TQM can’t be applied directly in a short time since it will need the support from all of the elements in the company.

However, to measure how well the strategy fit in the company, will depends on how to plan, implement, measure and encourage it in the workplace. The Function of TQM in Yell Company Since late of 1980s, Yell started to adopt quality management to manage their business by using a TQM approach. The purpose to use this TQM approach is to improve their customer’s satisfaction by improve standard of service, reduce errors and give an extra value for money since TQM affects the company as a whole.

Thus, the company aim to be the best in everything for their products and services. To achieve the target of the company, Yell has used several applications based on TQM to be applied by all of the workers. Firstly is EFQM Excellence Model, where it is created and designed by European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM). It is a concept of a framework, contain of rules and regulation to help internal system of the management from a company to be more competitive in achieving better services and products for their market.

An additional purpose to adopt this framework because it can also help the company to estimate are they on their way to success, help to be more understand how to minimize gaps, thus create and conduct how to make a solution for their problems. Secondly is another business management strategy, named Six Sigma which is known and largely used by many company including Yell. For additional information, the trademark of Six Sigma is owned by Motorola. This company is the first started and developed Six Sigma on their manufacturing division.

This strategy can be defined as a quality improvement contains idea and rules how to create and develop a high standard of goals, assemble the data, and generate the data to become an excellent result. Another benefit from Six Sigma is the company will be able to have better understanding about what are their customer needs from their products and services. As a result, it can make the company to maintain and improve their customer satisfaction. In addition, the implementation of this strategy can reduce waste of the materials, so it can help the company to reduce their cost of production.

However, Six Sigma can be costly to put into practice. Thus, it will need several years to show how well the company conduct their business in the market. For the third and fourth tools, Yell used and achieved standard regulation from ISO 9000 and ISO 14000. Description of ISO 9000 is an internationally recognized quality standard to create and maintain quality assurance system in design, development, production, installation, and servicing for all types of organization, in many industries.

In addition, it contains rules and regulations about practicing in good management, where it can recognize the basic discipline and give criteria to make sure that services and products meet customer needs and requirements. As a conclusion, it can help the company to deal with customer orders, stock control, purchasing, service provision and service delivery. Whether ISO 14000 is an internationally recognized act for create and maintain environmental management system which is suitable for all types of organization as well.

The purpose of the standard is to reduce the pollution and waste of production from the company. As a conclusion, it can avoid the company being sued in the future because of negatively effect to the environment. In order to be certified from ISO families, the company does not only follow and keep the standard of quality and environment performance in their industry, but it must conduct and submit an examination to an outside investigator too. Later on, the investigator will act as an interviewer to the staff to make sure they will follow and maintain the standard from ISO.

For the next step, the investigator will check the result of the examination and create a report on which part of the company that made a mistake regarding the standard of the regulation and will ask the company to correct their mistake in specific time frame. If they are able to correct their problem, the company has a right to be certified by the ISO. There is a lot of benefit to be certified by ISO 9000 families, such as reducing the company’s problems regarding services and products quality to increase the number of customer and improve customer’s satisfaction.

Nevertheless, the company can have a stable and steady growth on their business, because they have a certified support which recognized internationally. In addition, for the ISO 14000 families, it will help the company to meet rules and regulations in the terms of environmental management system. On the other hand, it can attract a new possible customer and business partners since it show that the company have a responsibility for the environment. Thus, it can also increase the profit since the company is able to reduce cost of production regarding environmental liability.

As a conclusion, being certified by ISO families will make the company is able to fulfil their objectives and goals easier since they are gaining more advantage than their competitors. On the fifth tools, the company also recognized and used OHSAS 18001. Many organizations are using and implementing OHSAS, which stands for Occupational Health and Safety Management System (OHSMS), known as an act which contain rules and regulation aiming to reduce possible number of accident in the workplace in order to protect the worker regarding health and safety rules.

It is also internationally recognized certification that can force the company to conduct and put in into their management system. OHSAS 18001 has been created and designed to be well-matched with ISO 9000 and ISO 14000 in order to maintain health and safety regulation in the workplace. As a conclusion, the benefit to implement this strategy is able to create a healthy and safe environment in the workplace, while it helps to reduce the number of accident for employees, customers and suppliers.

Consequently, it can reduce costs regarding accident at work. Other benefits of this procedure are, for the employees themselves it could make them to be more motivated to improve and maintain their performance on their work, as they know that the company are protecting them in the workplace. For the last strategy, the Yell had also conducted and implemented IiP (Investor in People) which is created and designed since 1993 and currently used by more than 30,000 companies in UK.

It can be described as guidance to motivate the staff to continually improve the development of the company through better planning, organizing, and better understanding in learning and development programmes. It can be a good way to enhance the employees’ performance skill since they feel supported by the company to improve themselves in the workplace. Since the employees are important assets to achieve the goals, this guidance is important to be implemented because it also can create a good ambience in the workplace between the employees and he employer. As a result, it will make the company getting an easier way for achieving their objectives and goals. Result of the Implementation of TQM Having procedures to be followed based on TQM is a good way for the Yell, since regulation and rules from TQM will affect the company as a whole and support the company to accomplish their objectives. TQM applications here help the company to improve quality on their products and services, so it can keep satisfaction from the customer and attract new possible customer.

As a result, keeping the standard on how to follow and maintain their waste from their production will make the company recognize as responsible to establish a good environment. This is another reason why Yell implemented and applied TQM in their company. Yell accepts any kind of critics and solutions from other parties to create an effective leadership, involvement and communication so that the company will improve its performance. Nonetheless Yell is very proud because has been considered as a benchmark in UK as a result to understand and appreciate what are the needs from their employees.

For examples, Yell created a method which is a communication approach in the workplace named ‘Storytellers’ which is highly supported by the employees’, because it is able to make and keep a healthy way of relationship between the employer and the employees’ since the employees’ have a place to give an information and solution to the company. As a result from followed and certified by one of TQM application named ISO families like ISO 9000 and ISO 14000, Yell has been recognized internationally since receiving European Quality Award in 1999, and 2004.

For the first time, Yell becomes the first company awarded for the second time. Another good result, they are successfully against unstable condition and economic changing between 2001 and 2004. The company was also successful to achieve approximately 5% of consistent annual UK revenue growth. Thus, it achieved positive trends, maintained high performance, and become a good comparison with another company. Based on the various facts, since late of 1980 Yell has been started to use and successfully implemented several tools of TQM application which is make them leader on their industries in several countries at this moment.

Thus, they are successful to reduce errors and improve quality of their product and services. Furthermore, more peoples are able to recognize what are their products and services in the classified advertising market. Reference List About Yell, Yell Group plc, online, retrieved 1 December 2009, from: http://www. yellgroup. com/english/aboutyell Alexandrou, Marios 2009, Six Sigma Definition, online, retrieved 1 December 2009, from: http://www. mariosalexandrou. com/definition/six-sigma. asp Awards, Yell Group plc, online, retrieved 1 December 2009, from: http://www. yellgroup. om/english/aboutyell-yellukyellukadvertisingpromotion-awards Benefits, online, retrieved 1 December 2009, from: http://www. icon. co. za/~tqma/benefitsoftqm. htm Benefits of ISO 9000:2000 Quality Management System, WCS Turkey, online, retrieved 1 December 2009, from: http://www. qualitycertification. web. tr/iso9001_benefits. htm Benefits of ISO 9001 Certification, Smithers Quality Assessments, online, retrieved 1 December 2009, from: http://www. smithersregistrar. com/iso9001/page-benefits-of-iso9001. shtml Benefits of ISO 14001 Certification, Smithers Quality Assessments, online, retrieved 2 December 2009, from: http://www. mithersregistrar. com/iso14001/page-benefits-iso14001. shtml BS OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety, British Standards Institution 2009, online, retrieved 2 December 2009, from: http://www. bsigroup. com/en/Assessment-and-certification-services/management-systems/Standards-and-Schemes/BSOHSAS-18001/ Case studies, Investors in People 2009, online, retrieved 1 December 2009, from:  http://www. investorsinpeople. co. uk/MediaResearch/CaseStudy/Pages/CaseStudyDetails. aspx? CSID=218 Deming Learning Network, online, retrieved 1 December 2009, from: http://www. ln. org. uk/intro. html EFQM Excellence Model, The Financial Times ltd 2009, online, retrieved 1 December 2009, from: http://lexicon. ft. com/term. asp? t=EFQM-Excellence-Model Greasley, A. 2006, Operations Management, 2nd edition, John Wiley and Sons Ltd, pp 403-405. Hansen, Dexter A. 2005, Total Quality Management (TQM) Tutorial/Help Page, online, retrieved 1 December 2009, from: http://home. att. net/~iso9k1/tqm/tqm. html Introduction and Implementation of Total Quality Management (TQM), iSixSigma, online, retrieved 1 December 2009, from: http://www. sixsigma. com/library/content/c031008a. asp Investors in People IiP quality certification, SGS SA, online, retrieved 2 December 2009, from: http://www. be. sgs. com/investors_in_people_iip_quality_certification? serviceId=15843&lobId=21459 ISO 9000-An Introduction and Description, Strategos-International, online, retrieved 1 December 2009, from: http://www. strategosinc. com/iso_9000. htm ISO 14000 Essentials, ISO, online, retrieved 2 December 2009, from: http://www. iso. org/iso/iso_catalogue/management_standards/iso_9000_iso_14000/iso_14000_essentials. htm

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