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We have to see if coping JOT Requirement is effective, despite the fact that they re also working. Some of working student can apply their JOT requirements in their work like office staff, clerical secretary, etc. But most of the students are working in the optician. We would also like to determine how these working students who are taking their JOT in a optician can fit their work experience to their requirements of on -the-job-training. Learning the different style coping style of student can be a great help in any school guidance program.

It will help the teacher to understand better the behavior of the working student in the classroom and in effect facilities learning. The school administrator, becoming aware of the difference of the student in the same circumstances can implement rules with more understanding. LIFE OF WORKING STUDENT Being a working student is not an easy life to get into – time and boundless patience are needed but it can be exciting and fulfilling too. While others have the choice of making their college education a full-time commitment, working students must juggle the work and school to pursue their dreams.

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Aside from studying their lessons for the upcoming exams, making research and assignment, beating the project deadlines, working student are also tied up tit their part-time job that should be carry out everyday. Wow, it’s so stern ILLUS and sometimes frustrating if they miss their class because of work schedule conflicts. I’ve been in this situation before when I’m in my sophomore year in College, and it’s a very tough but rewarding experienced. I was compelled to work as a part-timer after my parents couldn’t sustain my daily allowances as two of my siblings were enrolled in College all together.

Now I realized that this may be one of the reasons why some students are applying to become a working student because of their parents can’t afford to end them to schools. By the way, worked as a utility in one of the fast food chain in down town Zebu, just a corner away from my school. I need to manage my time wisely and not to compromise my study as I am maintaining grades to stay as a University scholar. Though, I stopped working after my eldest brother got his diploma in higher education. But working at the same time studying is really satisfying and no regrets of choosing this option.

I am proud of being a college working student for more than a year. Though, one of the downside is my valuable time with my friends, classmates and family ere greatly affected as I always put off earlier plans to hang them around because of lots of things needs to be done. Have the responsibilities in the school as well as in my workplace. Both are important to me and should go harmoniously. Therefore, I would say that time management and strong determination are the two essential positive attitudes for a working student to become successful.

Many students are faced with the challenge of working while going through school. Juggling both of these life situations can be tricky, as studying and learning are the main goal, however, a student must perform well while at ark too. Both can be managed with a few tips and plenty of practice. Time management is key when fulfilling both roles. It is very important to be able to balance your time appropriately between work and school. In order to manage your time well, the first step is use one calendar for both situations. This will become your go-to tool.

By keeping your work schedule and school obligations altogether, you will have a clearer picture of your responsibilities. An additional tip is to communicate with your managers. Give your managers ample notice when you know you will need a light schedule or time off for school related reasons. This will ensure that they have dates for your mid- terms and finals far in advance and can work them into schedules. Therefore, you will not have to worry about trying to trade shifts or bargain with co- workers to cover for you. This is a very important time management skill.

Along with managing your time wisely, the ability to use your time wisely is a learned talent. With a busy schedule, a student will find it helpful to keep his assignments with him. Keep your school work in a backpack so that you can take it along with you as you go about your day. In doing so, you will find that oh can accomplish bits and pieces of school work on the go. Reading can be completed while riding the bus or carpooling, note-taking can be worked on during your lunch break. These bits and pieces will add up and make a difference in your work load.

This supports the next tip of not cramming. This becomes the hardest tip to accomplish. To keep from cramming, one must begin on assignments as soon as they are assigned. Continue working on given assignments a little bit each day until they have been completed. Finally. The last thing to manage is stress. Pay attention to the things that cause you o become stressed. Try to avoid allowing situations to build up to that point. It is most likely impossible to not feel any stress while studying and working. Try to work in time for activities which help you to wind down.

Squeeze in some physical activity or a half-hour of relaxation to help you alleviate some tension. This will improve your overall well-being as well as your frame of mind. Things can help you to improve good working habit Statement of the Problem This study refers to the problem of working student coping with JOT requirements which they commonly experience during CO T period. The study attempt to answer the following questions: A . Why are there so many working students? B . How they apply their current part-time with the requirement of JOT?

C . How to manage their time as a working student? D. How to focus on their study while working ? Conclusion and Recommendation This issue brief ends as it began, with the assertion that most students work and most students work a lot. Further, most students work in jobs that are not connected to their academic program or, in many cases, to their career goals. For some, work may be a natural extension of their lives before enrolling in college and it may be neither desirable nor practical to curtail working while enrolled.

For many other students, however, work may detract from the academic experience and jeopardize successful completion of a degree or certificate. There is no single intervention that will help all working students. Ideally, additional grant aid would limit the amount of time that low income and academically disadvantaged students must spend away from their studies. Additional education in personal financial management may help other students better handle their money and reduce the amount that hey believe they must earn while enrolled.

Policy makers, campus leaders, and the business community also can examine means to make students’ work experiences more supportive of their academic and career goals by expanding work-study, co-pop, and paid internship programs. While the types of response may vary, leaders must recognize and react to the fact that most students are working their way through college. Chapter 1 Introductions The purpose of this research was to determine the ability of working student in coping JOT requirements.

Also it is an attempt to test if there is no significant difference between working student coping with JOT Requirements, against non-working student coping with JOT Requirements. We choose this topic because as we observed that We are so many working student. We all know that being a working student is not easy. We have to see if coping JOT Requirement is effective, despite the fact that they are also working. Food chain. We would also like to determine how these working students who are taking their JOT in a food chain can fit their work experience to their requirements of on -?the-job-training. He behavior of the working student in the classroom and in effect facilities tuned in the same circumstances can implement rules with more stern souse and sometimes frustrating if they miss their class because of work Were greatly affected as I always put off earlier plans to hang them around Significance of the Study The result Of the study are beneficial to the following : Student -for them to realize the value of education of their work and to continue to strive hard in their study while striking a balance in their need to Teacher -?to become more selfless and noble in sharing their support and understanding to the needs of their students. School Guidance counselors- for them to become more sensitive enough to the needs and problems of the students, to be more aware of the students goal, and be ready to assist them in making decisions. Readers – to make them informed of this particular youth sector as well as for them to develop better understanding on the situations or problems encountered by this group of students.

Lastly, the findings Of this study will served as a foundation for future studies of other researchers either students or professionals. Scope and Limitation of the Study This study was limited to common problems of working student coping JOT acquirement. This study determined if there is no significant difference between working student coping with JOT requirements against non working student coping JOT requirements. Also, it determined if there is no significant correlation between problems and coping styles of respondents. With regards to the common problems encountered by the college working student coping with CO T requirements. This is something we all know before going into college, or while we are in school. The major problems would be: 1 .

Whether or not the student wants to work while in school. You have to be ready. 2. Motivation on keeping strong and finishing what you Start 3. Being social with family and friends while focusing on school and work. This brings upon stress. 4. Managing a personal/love life with the stress of number 3 above. 5. Finances. Though money is a major issue, it wouldn’t be for too long if the student can focus in school Good grades equals lesser you have to pay for school. The less you pay, the more money from working stays in your pocket. Conceptual Framework A core concept of this study is confounded on the common problems in coping style of working students coping with Lot requirements.

As a gleaned room conceptual paradigm show the two (2) boxes that appear at the right side portion pertain to that two hundred fifty (250) college student who served as the respondent of this study where 38 are working and 2 h are non college student. They are representatives from the four curriculum courses offer in the college. Likewise the arrow line that connect between the two boxes indicates the respondent difference as similarities in term of the following variables problems coping jot requirements which are displayed on the left side portion. This is to test if these is a significant discerned between irking student coping with Jot requirements and non working student coping jot requirements. When grouped according to the problem coping style and academic performance.

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