When Good Kids Get Bad Grades Assignment

When Good Kids Get Bad Grades Assignment Words: 497

Monday morning Ryan lay in bed, complaining about a stomach pain. A child who liked school once was trying to avoid the same on any pretext. He hid his test papers and lied regarding homework assignments. Whenever Carol enquired regarding school, Ryan altered the subject or went away to his own room. Initially Carol thought it was simply a problem of pre-adolescent period, however, she realized later there was some other problem when she go through his school report card. Carol fixed up a meeting with the teacher of Ryan to sort out the problem.

Ryan’s class teacher Informed her that Ryan did not appear to be grasping the studies though he was trying diligently in the class. The class teacher recommended obtaining a tutor to guide Ryan one-on-one for removing the backlog. Where to start Carol though that obtaining additional help would be better for Ryan, however, she did not know what to look for or where to find a tutor. She met the class teacher for advice. The teacher clarified that tutors can help Ryan in different means, from intensive remediation to basic homework support and which Ryan needed.

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He provided a list of tutors and asked her to contact them first. A different kind of learning Carol made appointment with different tutors of the list and ultimately was able to find out one she considered would be ideal for Ryan. Then Ryan and she did a casual Interview with the concerned tutor and made a decision to engage him. Carol, however, became worried that tutoring sessions after-school would be little strenuous. She thought that already Ryan do not like school now and the additional hours for learning time would turn the situation more badly.

However, the tutor had a different view point. She told that tutoring was a separate type of teaching compared to what a child experiences In school. Tutors offer specialized attention which suits the learning style of a child, and various tutors teaches in such a way that turn the sessions enjoyable which becomes attractive for the student to join that. The games and fun included in the learning process could be a positive factor. Constructive tutoring could help a student learn the subjects, obtain better grades and form a good attitude regarding school even.

On the road to success After a few sessions only Carol could understand that she had taken the proper decision to engage a tutor for his son. Ryan stopped taking the pretext of becoming ill to remain out of the class. He began performing his dally homework. He drew attention of the tutor by showing his tests and planned things he considered they should perform together. Though Ryan’s grades did not improve instantly, however, his approach did. It would take Ryan few months of learning to make up his lost time; however, Carol knows that it Is well spent time now.

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