What Problems Face Students When They J Assignment

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Academic life is more professional than high schools, most of students think when they join universities they will have more spare time. Thus, they will be not serious enough with time management. Time management will be their first obstacle so they will find themselves losing marks in their final assessments. For instance, they may late or fail at all to attend to office hours and labs, which means they will lose marks. In addition, delay is also a trouble of time management. It means to keep tasks such as assignment and homework to a later date.

Consequently, the overall of the first year students at university will be a low standard. Furthermore, participation in the class is more fundamental at university than in high school and the first year student should overcome his fear and begin to cope with classmates and teachers, because if they don’t take part in class, they will forfeit extra marks. Secondly, universities are more entertaining and advance learning grounds. Where can students feel freedom to any possibilities in life.

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Most first year students are always happy to meet and make new friends. They will meet new people with different thoughts and making relationships with them can be good but mostly it will be wicked. They may understand freedom in a wrong way so they may know some evil friends that will lead them to unpleasant habits such as smoking either cigarettes or drugs. Surely, This can be resulted in certain negative impacts like absence, which can then affect the overall grades of the first year students at university.

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