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Assignment: Policy Monitoring and Enforcement Strategy Learning Objectives and Outcomes You will explore policy creation and enforcement actions. You will describe policy monitoring and enforcement strategies. You will research automated information technology systems. You will do research and align a selected automated IT system. Assignment Requirements For this assignment, imagine that you work for a Department of Defense (DoD) organization with direct ties to the U. S. Government, and you are a sole supplier o them for military products.

Your organization has three different levels of management and of those levels two different unions exist. The majority of your staff is in another non-supervisory union and you also have contractors. Your organization has approximately 7,000 workers who are located across the U. S. In 35 locations. You have developed a modified Internet use policy along with a physical access policy. You must invoke these policies at the earliest as a recent security breach as been identified from flaws in these policies.

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Identify and describe the legal implications of information systems security (SIS) policy enforcement after these new policies are adapted. Describe a policy monitoring and enforcement strategy for your organization. Also describe what an automated IT security policy compliance system would look like for your organization as management is thinking about this as a possible response to recent security compliance incidents.

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