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This profile should position performance, strategy, objectives, assets and finances. You are expected to apply a variety of models, frameworks and concepts In developing your analysis of the organization and Its Internal and external environment. STEP 2 (35%) Develop a critical discussion of the importance of two critical themes drawn from your profile analysis, and focus a discussion of the implications of each of these two key themes for the organizations current and future strategies.

This should by implication link the organizations current strategy, Its competition and key market characteristics The focus of one of the themes to be developed must be around a genealogy perspective, with the focus of the second theme to be chosen. Where do the themes come from? What might influence by choice of theme? STEP 3 (15%) Draw some specific conclusions about: the strength of the organization the strategic position of the organization for supporting the competitiveness of its products and services in the future. Your conclusions should firmly reflect and synthesis your analysis within the previous sections.

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Company reports Industry/market surveys Assignment focused at the organizational level (egg Sony, Hilton, Monika), or at a division/strategic level of the organization (egg Sonny’s Games Division) STRUCTURE Title Page Matriculation number title of the report date word count Table of Contents List of main section headings Subheadings page numbers Introduction Specifying the precise focus, purpose and structure of the report Strategic Profile & Context Analysis A detailed profile of the organization outlining the nature and scope of the business ND its activities.

Should consider such areas as: the organizations vision/mission values objectives strategy development stakeholders market share Market value/ other performance. Application of frameworks to position and analyses internal and external environments: resource capabilities SOOT PEST Value chain Life cycles 5 Forces Industry SF Boston Critical Themes From a comprehensive strategic analysis of the organizations internal and external environment, develop a critical discussion and analysis of two themes.

The analysis would be guided by formal strategic terminology, concepts and frameworks and the specifically commented upon Conclusion In this section you are to distill your analysis into a set of focused conclusions. Your conclusions should reflect the issues that relate most to the organizations strategic position and competitiveness References A full listing of academic citations and other sources of information, presented in Harvard style Appendices Additional pages in support of information detailed within the main text of the report.

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