Vela Subbasement Assignment

Vela Subbasement Assignment Words: 520

No late assignments will be accepted; assignments must be submitted Vela Safe Assignment. You will want to audio- or video-record your interview as it is not possible to take notes at the speed at which most informants talk. After your interview you will transcribe the interview into a word document. This document should be included in your final project in the Appendix along with your interview questions.

After you have transcribed the Interview (and perhaps before, perhaps during the interview) you will want to look for themes. Themes may relate to ways your informant made her/his clothing last (durability the way(s) in which he/she followed fashion styles, gender norms of the style period, and so forth. The themes that you discover will depend on your informant and your supporting information (information from your other primary sources and from your secondary sources).

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In order to complete this activity you must have already interviewed your informant. Assignment: 1 . Share at least five themes from your interview and include a quote that corresponds to each theme. Inspiration of her fashion style: “l was really inspired by Selene in 1995, after she died many Mexican-American women started to dress like her. ” Machismo was part of what a married women could wear; “For us In the Mexican- American Culture we had women dressing how they wanted.

But If you got married, you would not be found wearing the mini skirt that were popular In 1995″ Worked for the State Oregon: ” Around 1995 1 was working for the State of Oregon as a secretary. ” Made a decent amount of money: “l worked for the State… So I had enough money to buy clothing pieces I really wanted to have from J Penny. Not a Fan of the mini skirt: “l was never a fan of the mini skirts, I thought they were to short for myself to wear. Maybe they wore targeted for teenagers Is my best guess. ” 2.

Do your themes compare with information about the style period discussed by Freckle’s and Parsons (your textbook authors)? There were some similarities from the books section “Party like its the ass’s”; because mint skirt were popular but It seems like the older crowd wasn’t move by that trend It must have been a thing for the young people of that time ages from 14-25. 3. Go to the display case across from Mila 224. The items in the case are from three Tyler periods: 1929 to 1938, 1939 to 1946, 1947 to 1958. A.

If one of these style periods corresponds to the style period you and your informant are discussing, identify the garment that is from that style period (describe the garment by style and location In the case) and discuss how the garment In the b. If your style period is 1959 to 1968, then identify the garment from 1947 to 1958 and discuss how styles of the 1947 to 1958 as represented by the display case garment varied from the styles discussed by your informant. I did a different time period after those above. I did mine in the style period of 1995 to 2000.

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