Vasco Sanchez Rodrigues Assignment

Vasco Sanchez Rodrigues Assignment Words: 240

Categories logistics services provided by logistics service providers (Lisps) operating in global/international networks based on whether or not the services errantly offered by Lisps are customized or semi-customized or standard. ) Discuss the role that innovation should have in the portfolio of customized services of a global logistics service provider. Elements of the service portfolio of logistics service providers you might include in the discussion of part B are: warehouse automation, CIT platforms and carbon footprint reduction. 50% Illustrate your answers to parts A and B with real world examples. This is the second assignment on the course.

The assignment should be completed as a 2000 word (maximum) essay (excluding references). It should be thoroughly researched with all sources and references fully acknowledged. Guidelines on referencing are available from the Library and Learning Central. It is important for the quality of your argument to include a considerable number of references from reliable literature sources in your assignment.

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A DOD practice is to have at least 15 to 20 academic references as well as plenty of industry examples. Plagiarism will not be tolerated. It is fairly easy to identify material that has been plagiarisms, and search engines like Google make it easy. Any instances will be reported to the Unfair Practice Coordinator. For further information, please see the Study Skills section entitled “Information on Plagiarism” which can be found at the home page of Learning Central.

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