Using “CORE” has changed my life Assignment

Using “CORE” has changed my life Assignment Words: 377

While reading further into the On Course book. Chapter four highlights “CORE” collect, organize, rehearse, evaluate. These strategies will help overcome disaster. The collection step of core was something was not use to using. Although my life and job requires me to collect important information. I would just throw it all together and hope for the best. The organization step is something that I am very laid back about. Nothing do is ever organized. Never know where things are and for academics never new what a priority was.

The rehearse step was just a word to me. Something I can laugh off. Vive never rehearsed a thing. Not even important presentations at work. The evaluate step I would do but in my own way. A quick glance over and done. These steps if followed carefully can change not only academics, but life and work. I have been using “CORE” through the rest of the semester. Have brought my grades up and my stress level has diminished. I use the collection step and gather all the information I can to support what he task is. Sing the organization tool prefer to use the concept map. Putting everything know in one spot and figuring what should come next. Rehearsing is still a struggle for me I do rehearse flash cards and presentation’s, review questions for studying but I still struggle with speaking out loud and too myself. Evaluating all task has made me more aware of the mistakes I was making and the corrections that needed to be made. Since I take most classes online I needed to evaluate and edit before submit a paper or assignment.

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I also use the evaluate method to evaluate the time give myself to study or complete a task. I have used this with my children as well. Letting them know that I have a limited amount of time to get certain things done. Using “CORE” has changed my life this is a strategy I will continue to use. My time management has become better. Learning to say no to certain things to give myself more time to study. Organization is essential to find what need or to know how to complete a project.

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