Unit p Assignment

Unit  p Assignment Words: 401

It should contain: What you need to do for each task When you plan to start and finish each task The meanings of any words you don’t understand How often you will review your work with your tutor The date you will finish the work and check it before handing it in The actual deadline dates you need to meet Grading tips Tasks Complete Pl grading tips Make sure that the information you collect in your fact file about your celebrity is broken down into the stages of development from infancy to final stages when possible.

Ensure that you add your personal commentary explaining the different stages which your celebrity goes through using picture, graphs and charts. Glossary Describe: give a clear explanation that includes all the relevant features every aspect of the life stages Task AAA Pl – in this case To achieve a pass you will need to develop a fact file and life map describing the various life stages your chosen celebrity might go through including pictures, graphs and charts to help you interpret the information you collect about your celebrity.

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Research arguments with regards to the nature – nurture and see how they might explain specific lifestyle choices or decisions made by your chosen celebrity Compare/contrast: Identify the main factors that apply in two or more situations and explain the similarities and differences or advantages and disadvantages Task b MI You will need to research a range of arguments from both sides of the nature – nurture debate which you will compile into a report.

In your report you should compare and contrast the different viewpoints of the nature versus nurture debate, and apply them to specific examples with regards to your chose celebrity. ODL grading tips Use the information from your research in task b and apply it to the intellectual, motional and social development of an individual and evaluate. Evaluate: review the information then bring it together to form a conclusion.

Give evidence for each of your views or statements. Task c ODL In your report, you will need to apply the arguments of the nature -nurture debate in the context of your chosen person’s intellectual, emotional and social development at two specific life stages of your choice. Strong areas of your assignment were: Areas for further development are.

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