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The study shows that there is information gained from attending lectures that you would not be able to gain outside of class. With that information the students’ success rate would be higher according to that study. The study that was used involved mainly 20-21 year old undergraduates. They were all third year business students. There were 230 students involved in the study. Out of all 230 they were able to come up with three different factors that show student motivation for being absent from lecture.

The first level is low student motivation. Some examples of this level are too tired to attend, bad weather, watching TV. The next level is moderate student motivation. Some examples of this is, had assignments from other classes due. The last level is high student motivation. Some examples Of this are major operations or death in the family. This was an interesting article. Never really thought of levels for motivation of skipping lectures. I will not say that I have ever missed class before.

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I think hat the difference from now and when I was around 20-21 is that I have a family now. I didn’t really feel that class was important then. Now that am paying for my tuition am taking it very seriously. I only miss class on high level occasions or things that are unavoidable. References Moore, Armstrong, C. , & Pearson, J. (2008). Lecture absenteeism among student in higher education: a valuable route to understanding student motivation. Journal of Higher Education Policy and Management, 30(1), 15-24.

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