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Essay A Choose an intellectual or creative opportunity from your high school years that you have enjoyed and highlight how you have grown personally because of the experience. (200 Word Limit) An intellectual opportunity that has caused for much growth in my particular life is that of arriving into high school. The whole experience of beginning new, having to make friends and acquire new information caused for me to become more mature going through the years. As complex as it was losing friends and learning to do things more independently has shaped the way that I do things in everyday life.

The things that are and were the hardest caused for me to become someone that I myself can be proud of when looking on the inside of myself. I have become stronger, wiser, and more discerning about the things I want for my future and education. I understand things that I did not know before. The assignments that I received pushed me and called for more than just an ordinary scholar I am proud to say that I am not the same person that began this journey in the ninth grade and for that I am proud and thankful to those that helped me along the way. Essay B Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born. “Anais Nin From freshman year to now, we know that you have interacted with a number of people in your high school who are different from you and have affected who you are now. Tell us about one such relationship, with a focus on the details of your interaction, not the person. One interaction that has affected me is that of a teacher that has inspired and pushed me along I had 2 years in a row for different classes.

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The class itself was harder than any of the other classes I had and it helped me realized that college would also be that way. It pulled me into a new way of thinking and it made me want to do my work. When you meet someone very passionate about what they like to do it makes you very passionate about what you’re going to do in the future. It sparks excitement in my mind about the people that I could change because of my knowledge and level of thinking.

The interaction was mind changing and it shook me out of high school mode and, put me on track to higher order thinking skills about things that I normally would of thought of replied to with basic answers. The interactions we have on a daily basis can change people and I want to take that with me through life. Essay C Tell us an interesting or amusing story about yourself that you have not already shared in your application. (200 Word Limit) When I was little I used to scoot on my butt because I didn’t want to walk.

I was the child that talked before walking so when I wanted to go somewhere I told my daddy to pick me up and take me where I wanted to go. I said full fledge sentences to not just “up” and “go” I would say “daddy can you take me upstairs. ” It wasn’t that I was psychically unable or underdeveloped I was just a baby that wouldn’t do anything until I felt it was that time perhaps. So my mother asked my grandparents what they could to get me to walk.

Well I don’t know where they came up with the idea but they said to put black “hoppers” or in other words crickets on my knees, and I’ve been walking ever since or so I’ve been told. I also think that’s why I don’t like bugs today especially crickets and grasshoppers. Essay D “Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and cannot remain silent. “Victor Hugo If someone were to look at your music collection right now, they would probably know a great deal about who you are.

Individuals are drawn to music, and each song conveys something about that person. Select a musical piece to be your theme song. Tell us what it would be, and more specifically, why it represents who you are. (200 Word Limit) The song I have chosen is Jill Scott “I Keep”. I have chosen” I Keep” because it portrays the part of me that I won’t give up, stop, or quit until I reach my goals. It embodies the things that we should always do, and the parts of us that we sometimes leave behind.

It reminds me to keep dreaming and that one day I will change the world even if it is a small change. It represents who I am in that I keep achieving, believing and reaching towards my goals although others try to stop me and may look down upon the decisions I have made. No matter how hard things get I will keep going because I am striving to do better than my parents and previous generations. I won’t be stopped if God has given me the tools, talents, and gifts to achieve a goal then I will do so with help from him and others.

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