Tina Warren Educational Goals Assignment

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My professional short term goal is to attain a fulltime position in my current area of nursing. Getting a fulltime position would not only afford me a stable income but also a sense of belonging. Working as a per diem nurse poses some challenges at times. Full time nurses sometimes are reluctant to working as a team with a per diem staff member. was always taught by my parents that no man is an island, no man stand alone. Whether I am fulltime or per diem employee, believe that team work is essential to aking our patients experience a favorable one.

My long term professional goal is to earn my Bachelor’s degree. Earning a Bachelor’s degree will make me more marketable and this will lead to wider divisions of nursing for me to explore. A personal short term goal that have is completing my present class with a grade of a B or better. have always strived for excellence in my academics. I would be disappointed in myself if my grade was not an A. This has led to unwarranted stress and illnesses. I now know that I was taking on too much. I came to the realization that I could not get an A in every class.

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Being a single parent comes with challenges on its own. Adding a job, all responsibilities of the home, child’s education and illnesses only made matters worse. I have made a vow to ask for help when I need it. My pride has gotten in the way in the past. I have to put pride in the background, if only for a few months while on this journey towards success. A long term personal goal that have is to get married and own a house. My parents have been married for fifty two years and I always 100k up to them. I dream Of having what they worked so hard to maintain.

Getting married would mean I would ave someone to share the household responsibilities with. It would also mean I would have someone to go explore the world with. I would love to travel the world, go on cruises and enjoy the different sceneries that nature has to offer. I presently reside in a condo and my space is very limited. I would love to own a house with lots of space. I love decorating and gardening, this is very limited or nonexistent in my present situation. Milestones are like markers on a journey. A system you can use to tell where you are.

My milestone for achieving my short term goals would be getting an cceptable grade for my weekly assignments and getting at least forty hours of work per week at my job. Completing my weekly assignments by utilizing the resources that the University has to offer will increase my chances of attaining a B or better in the class. Communication is significant to human interaction, without it we would not know what to do nor would we know what we want to have done (Casey & Wallis, 2011 I must communicate with my team members if it is a team assignment and make sure all objectives are clarified.

Communicating with the instructor is vital in succeeding. If an assignment is not understood, prompt communicating with instructors will facilitate effectively completing task. Another short term goal milestone would be to find a suitable partner. This has been a quest in the past. Sorting through potential partners is a task I rarely enjoy. Many persons send their representative for the first few interactions. Afterward the true person shows up and most times I understand why the representative had to come forth first. The true person’s character was not much to be desired. Unexpected hurdles are sure to show up.

Perseverance, determination and staying focused in spite of what is occurring are crucial pointers that I must live by. I have to remember the reason I decided to go back to school. Keeping the reason for pursuing my Bachelors degree in my thoughts at all times will help me to overcome these barriers. Time management is a huge part of achieving my degree. Being a single mother of a school aged child brings disputes at times. Children have needs too, homework has to be done and checked for accuracy. Projects have to be completed on time. My job requires a lot of working at home.

Time management is essential in making sure that I don’t become overwhelmed. have since starting school, created calendars online and purchased dry erase board calendars to assist with keeping on schedule. create to do list daily and cross off tasks as soon as they are completed. In concluding believe that I am capable of achieving my stated short and long term goals. Challenges will come because that is what happens in life, especially in that of a single parent. l, however, am determined to achieve my goals. am prepared to ask for help, my family members to babysit when needed.

My instructors can expect to hear from me when a matter is not clearly understood. I realize that I must put pride on the back burner of my life right now. I must think positive and get rid of fear. I have made a vision board as recommended by a friend and by doing so I think it will keep me motivated to continue so that my dreams will come to fruition. Lack of vision causes people to perish (Collier, 2014). I encourage every young person that I encounter to go back to school. Dream and stretch for your goals. When you want better and are willing to work hard for better it will happen.

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