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High jump and pole vault areas are located inside the track. Long jump and triple Jump runways are behind the home bleachers. No tape or chalk may be used on these surfaces. No spikes longer than 1/4″ will be permitted. No spikes In the bleachers. Shot and Discus Concrete surface-The shot put rings are located Just north of the track near the visitors’ entrance and the discus areas are on a practice field north of the stadium. Dressing facilities There are no dressing facilities available. Please come dressed.

Restrooms will be open. Bus parking Parking for team buses at this meet will be In the visitors’ parking lot at the northeast corner of the stadium. The only access to this lot will be via the Manzano Mile which is approximately % mile east of Mustang Drive. As you drive up Manzano Mile you will pass by the baseball and softball fields and then turn left into the parking lot. Enter the stadium through the visitors’ entrance to the stadium. Since this is a school day you will not be able to get to the stadium via Mustang Drive.

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If you drive up Mustang Drive at this time of day you could get caught In end of school day traffic and be stuck or quite awhile. Entrance to the stadium Athletes and fans will enter on the East side of the stadium at the visitors’ entrance adjacent to the team bus parking area. Admission Admission will be charged. Adults- $3. 00 Students- $2. 00 Contestants may warm-up on the practice fields north of the track. All coaches and contestants are asked to stay away from the finish line and stay behind the flagged areas. Please remind athletes to remove spikes prior to entering the bleachers.

Absolutely no food or drink is allowed on the track or football field inside the track. Water will be available for the athletes at the finish line and at the warm-up area. Access to the Track Contestants may enter the track area at the northeast corner of the stadium Just beyond the finish line. Access to the track will be limited to coaches and contestants. Event Check-in Check-in for field events will take place at the event location. Check-in for running events will take place at the north end of the track Just beyond the finish line.

Athletes must check-in at this location to get their hip numbers. Team Camps Bleachers on the home side of the stadium and the grassy areas around the home leachers are available for team camps. No tents are allowed in the east side stands. Rules and Policies I-JIL rules apply as found in the 2012 1-JIL Track and Field Manual and the National Federation Rule Book, and Officials Manual. Entries Entries for the varsity and Junior varsity divisions will be made using Hy-Tek Team Manager. See the attached instructions if you need them to do your entries.

The district meet event file will be sent to you as an attachment. You should download the event zip file to your Team Manager or Team Manager Lite that is available on the Hy-Tek website. If you are not able to receive the zip file of meet events at your school, then you will need to send an alternate email address to Kyle Futrell, [email protected] txed. net , so that the event file may be sent to that address. Notes about entries: The meet entries for all divisions are due Sunday April 8h by 8:00 pm. Send them to Kyle Futrell, [email protected] xed. net All shots and discus will be weighed and pooled. They must remain at the competition area until the event is concluded. All throws will be measured and recorded. In the shot, discus, long Jump and triple Jump each contestant will get three reliminary trials and the top eight will advance to the finals. In the finals they should compete in order of last qualifier to best qualifier with each getting three additional trials. Relays- Six runners may be entered for each relay team, but no alternates are allowed in individual events.

Each school may enter up to three contestants in each varsity individual event. Entries in the Junior varsity division are unlimited for the finals or score. Each school may enter one relay team in each relay event. An individual may not enter more than three running events, including relays, and not more than five total events. A contestant is permitted to enter up to five field events. No contestant shall be allowed to enter more than two of the following events: 400m, 800m, 1600m, 3200m runs. This does not bar a 400m, 800m, 1600, 3200, contestant from the relays.

Individual events will be seeded randomly. Seed times are not necessary. A copy of heat & lane assignments will be emailed on Monday April 8th. Please check to see that all of your athletes are included. Corrections or changes can be emailed through 9:00 pm Monday evening. A final copy of heat & lane assignments will be emailed by 8:00- am Tuesday morning. At the oaches meeting on the day of the meet, you may scratch a participant, but you may not add or substitute. All entries on the day of competition must be eligible under I-JILITEA guidelines.

Official I-JIL entry forms are required to be turned in. The district has waived the 10 day rule for entries on the official I-JIL District Meet Track & Field entry form. Fax a copy of the official I-JIL entry form by Monday April 9th. Any athlete who could and/or will compete in the varsity division of the district meet must be listed on this form. Any athlete listed on this form must be on the I-JIL Individual Sport Eligibility Form for Track & Field that is on file with the district chair, which is Dripping Springs.

To enter any event in the varsity division you must list a contestant on the I-JIL entry form to enter that event. If you plan to enter three contestants be sure to list three contestants on the entry form. This form is required for varsity divisions only. Use full names for entries Just as you have them listed on the eligibility form. FAT -nrntng: FinishLynx fully automatic timing will be used for all running events. Coaches Meeting: At last year’s district meet organizational meeting held in Marble

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