The Twelve-Point System Assignment

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What do all of these have in common? They all are different factors that deal with grading high school students. The school board in Fort Wayne Community School system introduced a new grading policy for all the high schools in the district. They got rid of a traditional zero to 100 scale. This 2012-2013 school year we operate on a twelve point system. I believe that the new riding scale is causing more problems for students instead of helping them.

I believe that the twelve point system is impacting the schools and students in a way the school board did not think of. This was designed to give schools higher passing percents, make them look better. For me, this system is causing me stress and I am more frustrated than ever with school work. I am work harder than ever Just to get an A, which used to be obtainable, but know it seems out of the question. With the system, homework and some quizzes only counts for 20% percent of the overall read.

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Because of this tests count for more, so the majority of a student’s grade is coming from how well they perform on a test. This program was designed to improve school’s passing rates. It was designed unfairly. It made it easier and less challenging for the lesser motivated students to achieve a passing grade, while the more motivated students are not achieving what they wish. It is unfair and unjust. Students have figured out this loophole. They have done the work Just enough to pass, but they will not excel. They are becoming lazy ND accepting the bare minimum.

Eventually, the kids who are the top of their class will realize that it is near impossible or unobtainable to reach those A+’s. In a result of this they will become apathetic. Once this students become neglectful of their school work, overall grades will drop. Students overall will become unconcerned about school, and fail to do satisfactory work. As I mentioned early homework only counts for 20% of a student’s caliber. The other 80% are tests and projects. This is an combination of groups called summarize and formative.

With these groups there are also new polices regarding the grade. One is students can only retake summarize assignments. That can be helpful, if you were to fail it but we should also be allowed to retake formative assignments. Eventually failed formative assignments will add up and give them a low formative grade. I know there are students who have test anxiety. They freak themselves out over a test, especially know because of how much a test goes towards there grades. They may know the material they are being tested on, but they wig out and do poorly.

There is also the new policy of no extra credit. This also goes into place when students need it. I know that in math I know the material but comes test time I can only achieve a B. I even retook the test and I got the same result. If there were extra credit opportunities I would take advantage of them to help out my grade, but there are not any. Once again points are the best and high percents are not either. This is why I believe the grading scale should be changed because it is hindering, not helping the problem.

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