The Study Habits And Time Management Of Student Assignment

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Time management refers to an effective way of allocating a specific time on a reticular activity (Time management- Meaning and its Importance, n. D. ) also, Croft (1996) stated that it is one of life’s fundamental skills and is becoming increasingly important as the world speeds up and run more activities in parallel. That is why time management and study habits are really important things in people’s lives especially to students and to the working scholars here in De La Scale Lip. The modern concept of time management refers to the act of planning the amount of time that will be spent on planned activities (Woods, n. . ). It is learning how to manage time to have an effective study (http:// www. Chichi. Org/testiest/habits. HTML). Thus, time management has an important role for Student Assistants from studying for school and working at a job. Time is considered to be essential. It is probably true that part time students such as Student Assistants have to give much more attention to time management because their success or failure in college depends directly in their use of time ( Pack and Fire, 2000).

On the other hand, a study conducted by (De Gunman, 2003-2004) tells that knowing how to study effectively does not come easily. One must develop a natural learning system molly known as “study habits”. Study habits are very important for every student because it is one of the influential factors in their academic performance. Good Study habits eventually lead to an above satisfactory or higher academic performance (Gomez, 1999-2000). Therefore, study habits are the things that is need to be done by the students to be able to prioritize their studies and academic performance.

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These are the things that should be known to students especially to working students. They need to have good study techniques for them to be able to cope up in their studies and lessons. According to De La Scale Lip (Student Handbook, 2014) Student assistants are the students who are studying and at the same time working in the school as scholars to support their studies. Some of them can be seen in the library, arranging books, assisting other people in some offices and providing answers to the visitor’s questions and queries.

Student assistants in De La Scale Lip can be classified into three, Clerical assistants, Maintenance assistants and FERBER scholars. Clerical assistants and FERBER scholars are most common among education students. Clerical assistants are those who re required to work every day for eight (8) hours during vacations and four (4) hours when school days since they have no maintaining grades. On the other hand, FERBER scholars are only required to work during their scheduled time or semester.

FERBER scholars who are assigned in summer duty should render eight (8) hours a day, and for those who are assigned in first (1 SST) or second (2nd) semester duty should render four (4) hours a day because of their enrolled classes. There are also seasonal FERBER scholars who are assigned to duty for eight (8) hours a day during enrollment on summer and semester breaks only. In order for the FERBER scholars to maintain their scholarship, they should not have exceeded twenty one (21 ) units of failures in their enrolled classes.

They have to render the said required hour duty in their designated offices, like the College Learning Resource Center (CLC), College Library, Registrar Offices, Guidance and Discipline Office, and at the branches of the Cashier. Despite of this, they should make sure that they are paying attention to their classes and maintaining good academic performance. They will be able to make it if they will have their activities organized and scheduled because according to Hopper (2004), scheduling keeps a person up to date and helps in avoiding last-minute cramming and by keeping this, that person will learn much more efficiently.

With this study, researchers can prove that the student assistants can excel academically even when they are working and studying at the same time. Considering the important role played by good study habits and time management for working students to succeed in their studies, this study aims to identify the study habits and time management of Student Assistants of De La Scale Lip.

Furthermore, this research paper objectives are (1 ) to examine he relationship of study habits and time management prior to their academic performance , (2) to identify the study habits and time management techniques employed by the student assistants, (3) to explain the ways and techniques and the importance of using good study habits and time management for student assistants so that they will excel academically, and (4) to identify the factors that make the study habits and time management inefficient.

The purpose of this research is to give understanding in light of working students in practically, all schools, colleges and universities and therefore, their welfare need to be given attention. This study will provide significant to the contributions to human development in general. This study was designed in a quantitative form of research. At the end of this study, the researchers aim to measure the preference of the selected student assistants of De La Scale Lip regarding how they promote having good study habits and time management while working.

Twelve (12) respondents were selected from the college of CEASE, first year education students. Primary data are obtained from the responses made by the respondents to the questionnaire. The survey questionnaires were distributed personally to the respondents. There were ten (10) questions in the survey questionnaires about how the respondents used and managed their time and the habits that they are doing in their studies. They were assured that their responses would be dealt with utmost confidentially and would be used exclusively to meet the objectives of this study.

Survey sheets are adapted from the thesis done year 2007, with the title “Study Habits and Time Management as determinants of clerical assistants of De La Scale Lip” for it is having the same questions about time management and study habits of working scholars that the researchers happen to make. The survey questions are a checklist type that the respondents can answer it by the clearly type of statement written. The survey questions generally sought to answer about the study habits and time management mostly scholars perform.

In order to gain a deeper understanding of the study, the researchers decided to gather information from books, journals, thesis and online journals. In this section, the researchers presented the results of the survey conducted and further discuss for each data. The two figures were based on the perception of the student assistants of what good study habits and time management they mostly performed, Hereford this graphs were used to see how effective these ways are among the student assistants of De La Scale Lip.

Figure 1 Study habits done by the student assistants Figure 1 shows that there are five (5) statements that were asked to the respondents by the researchers about their study habits. The statements that were shown are: (1 ) having their own place to study, (2) keeping their study materials together, (3) preparing their assignments as soon as possible, (4) setting a positive mind to study and (5) putting first things first. As shown in statement 1 in this figure, among the twelve (12) respondents hat were asked, 6 persons agreed that they are having their own place to sudsy in, while the other half have not.

Only half of the respondents have their own place to study in while the other half find it not effective enough for them and said that it is more convenient for them to sit or stay in the place where they are. It is also noticeable that it is the only statement that one (1) of the respondents answered “strongly disagree” and none of them chose “strongly agree and in an informal interview they said that it is because they were not comfortable to stay in just one place while studying.

In statement 2, all of the respondents agreed that they are all keeping their study materials together. It is for them to be able to make their papers organized and easy to find whenever they needed it. While on statements 3 and 5 also in this figure, nine (9) of the respondents agreed that they are working on their assignments earlier or just in time before the deadline and also, they are completing their jobs or activities one after another. They are not procrastinating or wasting their time on non-sense things such as non- academic matters.

They also make sure that they are already done in one activity before going into another so that they will not be confused in what they are doing. In statement 4, 11 out Of the 12 respondents agreed that they are setting a positive mood for themselves to study better and only one person have disagreed. Generally, for them, it is an effective way to study and focus on their lessons especially when they will have their examinations. Moreover, according to the 10 Effective Study Habits for College Student (n. D. , setting the mood of oneself is very important because students cannot study their lessons well if they are not in a good mood and this strategy helps them a lot n terms of academic matters. As shown in figure 1 , all the factors that are mentioned agree which means that it is all an effective determinant of conducting a good study habits. Sorensen(1 964) stated that students who got scholarships had practice effectively their study habits as they have their means to study very well. It can be interfered that setting an effective way of studying had a greater impact especially to those who are working at the same time studying.

Figure 2 Time management performed by the student assistants Figure 2 also shows five (5) statements that were asked to the respondents guarding their time management. The statements shown in figure 2 are: (6) managing their time between their studies, family commitments and friends, (7) estimating the hours that they need to study, (8) balancing their time between their work and studies, (9) doing their most important tasks in their energetic period and (10) spending their time enough on their academic matters.

Statements 6, 8 and 10 in figure 2 shows that among the twelve (12) respondents, 10 of them agreed that they are managing their time between their family commitments, their time with their friends and most importantly n their studies and they are also balancing and spending enough of their time in it While on the other hand, statement 7 in this figure shows that 6 out of the 1 2 respondents agreed that they are estimating how many hours they need to study while the other half have disagreed in this statement because they think that it is only a waste of time to fix their schedule for their studies.

Despite of this, in order for them to become successful, they should not procrastinate their planned study session (1 0 habits of high effective students, n. D. ). In statement 9, also in this figure, all of the 12 respondents greed that they are doing the most important tasks in their energetic period of the day. In that period, they are in the mood to do their tasks neatly and enthusiastically. This is very effective for them especially on academic As shown in figure 2, the respondents all agree that the given attitude towards time management were all effectively used despite of their busy life on working and at the same time studying.

No matter how busy they are, they can still manage and balance their time accordingly. To better support this idea, according to Celli Cooper (2015), managing time in your work and academic life is no easy task. Lack of time is usually not the issue, but poor time management. Therefore it is better to organize time so that everyone could be able to make out their tasks. On the other side, Kelly (2002) theorized that time efficiency would be associated with increased performance and achievement.

Thus, based on Kelly’s theory, it was assumed in this study that students who use their time efficiently would probably have increased in academic performance, as measured by their grade point average. In this study that the researchers have been conducted, it is proven that the first year education student assistants in De La Scale Lip are having their duty habits and time management in order to maintain their good academic performance.

It can be supported by the study conducted by Britton and Tester(1991), McCann et. AY and Truman and Hartley (1996, as cited in Lancers and Zulu 2000) that there was a positive correlation Beethoven time management, study habits and academic performance. Also, it is proven that they can even excel academically even when they are working and studying simultaneously. It is supported by the result Of the survey questionnaires that the respondents have answered.

Also in this study, study habits and time management that are being employed by the student assistants were clearly stated and identified and at the same time, the importance of having these ways and techniques in order to excel academically are well explained. The result of the survey questionnaires also showed how study habits and time management became inefficient in the perception of the respondents. Although the respondents have explained why some of the ways in having study habits and time management were not that effective, they can still manage to maintain their good academic performance.

With this study, Student Assistants will be aware of the relationship of study bits, time management and academic performance providing them basis for the improvement of their study habits and attitudes and making them fully realize their best potentials; Alsatian Association Management Office (LAMP) will be able to create more programs that will be both beneficial to student assistants as well as to LAMP office. Insights from the findings of the study may also guide them in updating and enhancing their program for the scholars.

For the Guidance Counselors, that this study will help them in leading them towards devising suitable programs and services such as memoirs, trainings and counseling that will assist the sit in gaining opportunities in practicing good study habits and time management. For the Faculty, this will be a guide for them to provide the necessary opportunities that will enable the student assistants to develop good and effective study habits. And lastly, for the future researchers , may this paper be a helpful input in their quest for further knowledge.

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