The Prestige Pricing Strategy – Assignment

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Items sacrificed

You might decide to offer a product or service at an exceptionally low prices (often below cost) in order to attract customers and encourage them to buy other more expensive items. You could also sell a component of a multi-component system as Article sacrificed in order to stimulate sales of other components. Performed with vigilance, this strategy could increase your customers and sales. You should know, however, that some customers could accumulate sacrificed articles and ignore other products.

Pricing for the grouping of products or services

If you offer your customers more of a product for a very attractive overall price (three for $ 5 instead of $ 1.99 per unit), your customers might be inclined to buy in larger quantities than they had expected. This is a good way to increase sales, when you need to reduce inventories. Some customers feel to save when buying at wholesale prices. However, to use this strategy too often could make your customers expect this kind of offer instead of paying full price for a single item.

Inclusive service modality, a group of products or services, is another version of this kind of pricing strategy. This version is often used for items of greater value. When you choose this kind of strategy, you offer an item unless acted with an article in greater demand, both for a price that is lower than the price that would be charged if the items were purchased separately.

Differentiated pricing

You can charge different prices for the same product, if you group your customers into categories. The price of a movie ticket is an example of differentiated prices: seniors, children and students could pay less than other customers could on certain days of the week. Customers who take the time to cash coupons or waiting for the big balances also benefit from differentiated prices.

Change in versions

You could offer different versions of a product at varying price thresholds in order to attract a wider range of customers. New customers could choose a product or a lower value service; After a while, they may prefer a greater value or a higher quality level.


Another way to make your customers buy in larger quantities is to offer them a discount only when they reach a preset amount. Your regular customers are rewarded to buy more. Additional volume discounts, such as loyalty programs or reward, may be part of the marketing strategies and promotions.

Legal requirements relating to price fixing by the free play of competition

Make sure your sales pricing policies respect the legal requirements established by the Competition Bureau. It is important to know that when you set a sale price, you must already have sold a reasonable quantity of the product to the current sale price or have offered the article at current selling price for a reasonable period. It is forbidden to deceive customers about the regular price, just as it is forbidden to promote a sale price without sufficient stock available to customers.

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