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“The Necklace” Madame Loisel’s perspective and attitude changed over the ten years she spent repaying her debt. Before the dilemma, Madame Loisel was self-conscious, bothered by her simplicity, and was envious of other women’s “beauty’. Madame Loisel was particularly bothered by the fact that these women had “no caste and no descent, their beauty, their grace, and their charm serving them instead of birth and fortune. ” (Guy de Maupassant 1) She was more tormented than delighted, especially when she was offered an invitation to the

Minister’s party. Madame Loisel’s insecurities caused her to react negatively, which her husband found surprising. This shows that Madame Loisel kept to herself; she did not let others know of her insecurities, even her own husband. This attitude changed right after she had figured out that the necklace was lost. The narrative describes, “She stayed there, in her ball dress, without strength to go to bed, overwhelmed, on a chair. without a fire, without a thought. (Guy de Maupassant 4) Comparatively, before Madame Loisel lost the necklace, she “suffered ntensely. (Guy de Maupassant 1) As her husband left however, she is suddenly thoughtless and cannot express emotion. To compensate, Madame Loisel and her husband borrowed Madame Loisel to desperation and overlook her insecurities to achieve a common goal with her husband. It states, “Madame Loisel learned the horrible life of the needy. ” (Guy de Maupassant 5) Due to the loss of the necklace, she lost her old perspective and is undergoing another kind of life- another perspective. Before the incident, Madame Loisel was part of the iddle class, and now she lives a poor life.

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The narration clearly describes, “Madame Loisel seemed aged now. She had become the robust woman, hard and rough, of a poor household. Badly combed, with her skirts awry and her hands red, her voice was loud, and she washed the floor with splashing water. ” (Guy de Maupassant 5) She used to be a woman full of insecurities and felt as if she was constantly under the shadow of the rich. Living as a lower class for 10 years pushed her to grow out of her old self, thus becoming a woman with a new perspective.

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