The Metamorphosis Assignment

The Metamorphosis Assignment Words: 397

Part II: “The death of the family unit’ and its implications in The Stranger and The Metamorphosis” Death shrouds both world-literature works with the downfall of the protagonists and their atypical beliefs. However, it is the death of both Meursalt, from The Stranger, and Gregor Samsa’s, from The Metamorphosis, familial relationships that tie the literary works together.

The inability of both protagonists to form meaningful and strong connections with their respective family members adds to their ostracism from the rest of society. Meursalt, with his torn relations with Maman, and Gregor, ith his exclusion from the Samsa family, must face their respective and often absurd worlds without the support of family. The broken ties with family add another hindrance to Meursalt and Gregor, as they slowly become outcasts of their world.

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Outline: The Stranger: Maman – shows religion to be absurd, therefore Meursalt moves away from it His refusal of religion ostracizes Meursalt from Christian-society Meursalt learned getting “used to” everything from Maman Able to get used to being an outcast Meursalt refuses his basic desires at Maman’s funeral – going against his inner ssence Went against his own essence to “please” Maman and her funeral followers The Metamorphosis Gregor is taken advantage of by his family Sole breadwinner – no other means of income Gregor – devoted to them when they push him and keep him trapped in the room Abused by his family – physically and mentally Family unit lives on – without the outcast Gregor Will also take advantage of Grete and decide everything for her Cycle of abuse that starts with Gregor part Ill: Assignment 2c: “The importance of Western literature on the relationship between Luo and the Seamstress in Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress” The relationship between Luo and the Seamstress is largely influenced by physical desires. However, there exists a small, but important aspect of their peculiar relationship that is heavily shaped by the Western novels stolen from Four-Eyes. This essay will delve into the effects the novels had on “modernizing” the Seamstress and giving Luo a sense of “control” over her. The novels not only enhance the relationship, but also vastly change the dynamics of it as the European authors of the books slowly shape each character. Without the stolen novels, the relationship between the two teenagers would not have been as strong. By applegrrl

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