The Laramie Project and Play Assignment

The Laramie Project and Play Assignment Words: 440

If you have not submitted a short paper, the deadline is next Wednesday, April 30th. (4 pages) The deadline of the final paper: May 20th (6 pages) Please make sure that you write about two different plays for your short and long paper. For both papers, you can choose one from the following topics: Topics for The Laramie Project: 1. There is a sign in the town Laramie: “Hate is not a Laramie value. ” Having read the play, do you agree with this claim? Use the play to support your argument. 2. One of the characters (Sherry Johnson) says: “A hate crime is a hate crime. If you murder somebody you hatchet.

It has nothing to do with If you are gay… ” Do you agree with this argument? What is a hate crime? Was Matthew Shepherd’s murder a hate crime based on the play? Use the play to support your argument. 3. Do you find the genre of documentary theatre productive In addressing a criminal issue-?such as the murder of Matthew Shepherd. Analyze how the genre of ‘documentary theatre’ represents the murder and the local town’s view about it. What does the play try to say about the murder and about the town? What is the ‘message’ of the play in your view? 4. What do the different religious leaders think about the murder?

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How do their views and their styles view in their conversation with the New York actors/researchers? 5. How do you think the media and public response to the Matthew Shepherd’s case would be different In 2013? Topics on The Crucible: 1 . How do personal jealousies and grudges influence the witch trials? Use the play to support your arguments. 2. Analyze the marriage of Elizabeth and John Proctor. How does the trial change their relationship? 3. Analyze the character of Reverend Hale. How does his view changes in the course of the play and why? 4. Analyze the effects of the witch trials on Salem.

How do the trials shape the community? And the church? 5. What Is the role of the government and the state authority in the play? Do you find that the play criticizes or support this role In the life of Salem? 6. Why do you think John Proctor chooses not to confess In the end? Why does he Formatting of the papers as stated in the syllabus: All papers must be printed on 8. 5-by-l I-inch paper, double-spaced, numbered, and in a 12-point font of Time New Roman with standard margins (I-inch top and bottom, 1. 25-inch left and right). All assignments must be in hard copy with the student’s surname on each page.

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