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Emir comes from a ICC Pasha’s family while Hosannas comes from a poor Hazard family. Emir lived with his father, Baby, in a lavish home in Kabul. Meanwhile, Hosannas and his father, All, lived in a small mud hut on the grounds of Abs’s estate, and All worked as Abs’s servant. Hosannas is very poor while Emir is rich. Ihram khan is bass business partner and a father figure to emir when baby isn’t present during emirs conflicts. 3. Ihram khan is bass business partner and a father figure to emir when baby isn’t present during emirs conflicts. 4. Emir’s mother, Sofia Grammar, died while giving birth to Emir in 1963.

Sofia was a successful professor of classic Fairs literature at the local university in Kabul Emirs mother died in childbirth. Therefore, Emir had never seen her. He was nursed by a Hazard woman who later nursed Hosannas as well. 5. Hessian’s mother. She was Alias notoriously beautiful first cousin and second wife, who ran off with a troupe of dancers. She refused to even hold Hosannas when he was born. Years later, she returns to Wizard Kafka Khan to beg forgiveness from Hosannas and ends up helping raise Sahara. She dies peacefully when he is four. 6. All is the lifelong servant of Abs’s family.

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He grew up with Baby in much he same way as Emir and Hosannas. Abs’s family adopted him after his parents were killed for no reason by Passions. All was adopted when he was about the same age as Sahara was when he was sent to the orphanage. All is extremely loyal to Baby and Emir. He lives with his only child Hosannas in a simple servant’s house on Abs’s property. All was abandoned by his wife Sandbar, who ran away soon after giving birth to Hosannas. He is part of the marginal’s Hazard ethnic group that historically lived in the mountainous Hazards region of Afghanistan and later returns there when Hosannas is accused of theft. . Hessian’s cleft lip A cleft lip is a deformity of birth it’s were the lip hang down slightly or looks like it’s been pulled Off slightly. It can be fixed with surgery in most cases. 8. An orphanage even though he was not good in architecture he managed to do it well. Emir’s father builds an orphanage in his early childhood, which may have increased Emir’s sympathy for the poor. 9. “Now, no matter what the mullah teaches, there is only one sin, only one. And that is theft. Every other sin is a variation of theft… When you kill a man, you steal a life. You steal his wife’s right to a husband, rob his children of a ether.

When you tell a lie, you steal someone’s right to the truth. When you cheat, you steal the right to fairness… There is no act more wretched than stealing, Emir. ” – page/18 10. Reading books that his father hates he would rather see him do sports, which makes him unmanly. Emir spends his days watching American Westerns like “The Magnificent Seven” at the local cinema, and flying their kites (a major pastime there) high above Kabul. Emir’s father did not approve Of him flying kites. Emir becomes a man who cannot stand up to anyone. 1 1 . In the book The Kite Runner. Emir’s family comes to know All because the boys become best friends.

As a servant to Baby and Emir, Hosannas grows up with a very particular role in life. While Emir prepares for school in the morning Hosannas readies Emir’s books and his breakfast. While Emir is at school getting an education, Hosannas helps All with the chores and grocery shopping. 12. Emir and his best friend Hosannas read stories to each other. One day Emir pretends to read, but makes up his own story. When he finishes, Hosannas says it is the best story he has heard. Emir writes his first short story that night. Assignment 2 2. Safes has a reputation of being wealthy as known as the “palm trees” around his house.

Was famous, well-earned reputation for savagery preceded him on the streets. In addition, a huge bully carries his famous brass knuckles and is a sociopath. 3. Hitler killed himself, game over. We are all still alive, and have a chance to change who we are Safes is a socio;path. He is impressed by Hitler. Although Hitler was unable to eradicate the Jews, Safes thinks he can eradicate Hazards. He of course is threatening Hosannas. 4. Hosannas warns Safes that if he tries to hurt him and Emir would strike him tit his slingshot (inferring from when he says Safes will be known as on eyed Safes). 5.

For Hessian’s birthday, Baby gave him a present in which would change his life forever. Baby sent DRP. Kumar to help fix his cleft lip so that Hosannas would look “normal. ” It says a lot about Abs’s character in the book. He appears to be the one who puts all differences aside, like social status and treat Hosannas like a son. An example would be on page 1 1: 3&4. Baby reminds them both that they were fed from the same breast, which forms a bond that can only be shared by men that were like brothers. Even though Baby is really close to Hosannas, he still sees Hosannas as an “odd” person because of his appearance.

No kid wanted to play with Hosannas except for Emir. 6. Winter was every kid’s favorite season in Kabul, at least those whose fathers could afford to buy a good iron stove. The reason was simple: They shut down school for the icy season. Winter to me was the end of long division and naming the capital of Bulgaria, and the start of three months of playing cards by the stove with Hosannas, free Russian movies on Tuesday mornings at Cinema Park, sweet turnip karma over rice for lunch after a morning of building snowmen. Moreover, kites, of course. Eying kites. In addition, running them. . Someone who runs all around the city trying to catch a falling kite before it lands. 8. The kites battle and so too do the children flying them. The string, which is covered in ground glass, carves deep gashes into the fliers’ hands. 9. Every kite is a prize to them, but the most coveted prize is the last fallen kite. It is a trophy of honor and would be displayed on the mantle of the winners home for guests to admire. 10. Emir discovers that there is one way he can earn his fathers love is to win the Kite tournament. That’s why he wants to win the tournament so badly.

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