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Academic English Assignment Mr.. German The Interlopers “The Interlopers” by H. H. Munroe is a plausible story to which many can relate to, or will be able to at some point in life. The two main characters, Lurch von Graduate and George Snazzy, were neighbors for years and who had hate in their family for generations. “Nature’s own violence overwhelmed them both” (p. 34), describes how a tree came to fall on them both, while they were ready to harm or kill one other with guns in hand.

It is ironic that as they were both in such a hateful state that they would be stopped from hurting one another by having a falling tree land on both of them. While they were lying there helpless and full of hate for each other, Lurch decides that he is ready to let his hate go and extends an invitation to George to put their differences aside and be friends. At first George resists his neighbor’s offer but after reflecting says, “l never thought to have wanted to do other than hate you all my life, but I think I have changed my mind about things too, this last half hour”(p. ). In the moment that George had almost given up hope, he decided to call a truce and become friends with Lurch. In order for differences to be resolved, one person has to take a big step towards forgiveness to make it happen. It is plausible that in their moment of despair, they could decide to end their tiring feud and forgive one another. It is also ironic that right after they decided to be friends, that they were not going to be rescued from their plight, but instead would be eaten by hungry wolves.

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