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When being a teacher, a person should have many skills including, patience, organization, a nd obviously the knowledge of the subject you are teaching. The tasks and duties a teacher ne eds to perform ultimately depends on the day but a teacher should know how to help the kid s who need extra help, and always have their day planned out so there is no confusion. During t he day, a teacher will teach about 5 classes of around 30 kids each, they will have a lunch break, and a time where they talk to other teachers about new methods of teaching the subject or som e problems throughout the day.

Some related occupations to teaching are, being a couns elor, a librarian, a coach, and even an umpire. A middle school teachers job is to teach students through grades 58 and who prepares those students for their high school years. The act of being a teacher has been around since the prehistoric period wher e cavemen learned to hunt and build shelter. Even though that was where it began, educ ation really started off around 5000 years ago, where the first methods of writing both words and numbers were invented.

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The first giant step in education occurred in Ancient Greece, where oung boys began to study reading, writing arithmetic, music, and even dancing. Instead of the y oung boys going to school, they would go to their teachers’ houses for each subject. The knowl edge of other subjects developed shortly after that, and the first universities emerged to be come the greatest universities even today. In America, the first public schools were established b y law in Massachusetts, 1647. In the 1900’s, the schools built departments such as sci ence, history, and geography to go along with the math, reading, and music made in Greece.

To day in America, the chools are built to go along with the age groups of the children going to the s chool. So, as you can see, education has come a long way since the cavemen and Ancient Greec e. (OOH) Being a teacher requires many skills which include the ability to organize, pati ence, the ability to talk and listen to children, and obviously the knowledge of the subje ct they are teaching. The ability to organize is vital to being a teacher because teachers n eed to have everything planned out, or everything put in place to have the children learn a nd to have a successful day of teaching.

Being patient is needed for a teacher so they can g ive the students enough time to learn the needed material. Another reason that a teacher sho uld have the characteristic of being patient is because they won’t feel the need to rush stud ents who are falling behind. Being able to talk and listen to children is also important for a teacher because students should be talked to in a more childish tone and when listening to students, th e teacher has to be very observant and have their ears wide open so the student can get their ext ra help, or so you can answer a question.

Lastly, knowing the subject you are teaching is extrem ely important because if the teacher does not know the subject, they could be giving the stu dent the wrong information needed to complete the unit If the teacher does not have these s kills, the teacher would not last long in the teaching industry. The day in a life of being a teacher can vary in many ways. “Middle school teachers teach four or five classes a day. For each class, which may include anywhere from 15 to 40 students, they prepare a lesson plan that incl udes the information they want to provide, as well as the assignments they will give ou to the class.

Often there is a governmentmandated curriculum that they must cover, although the teachers decide how they will deliver the material and in what order they will cover the curriculum. ” The quote by Damon sums up the usual day for a teacher. Adding in lunch ti me, teachers’ meetings, and even study hall. Usually, the days in a life differ because of wha t the students do or say, but the days are not very simple. Maybe on Monday, the kids don’t like being talked to a lot because Of the weekend ending, so the teacher needs to switch the routin e to cope with the tudents.

Also, the same thing may happen on Friday, where the students just want the day to get by so they can have the weekend to have fun, so the teacher can make their cl ass fun so the students have a good time and the day would not seem that long. The general duties and tasks for being a teacher corresponds to the day in a life because they can be different every single day. One day a teacher may have the duty of helping a kid through a personal pro blem, and the next day help with a math problem. Being a teacher has many related fields if the j 0b is not there at the time.

Some include being a teacher who teaches different age groups. Wh ich are being a preschool, kindergarten, elementary, or high school teachers. Some other occ upations that need the same skills a teacher needs are being a counselor, teacher assistant, educ ation administrator, librarian, childcare worker, and even athletes, coaches, and umpires in baseb There are many benefits to becoming a teacher including the time that teach ers get to spend with their students, seeing the children grow up, feeling special when t he students smile, or when the teacher’s day works out, and the earnings.

The time the teacher g ets to spend with their students is so valuable to both the teacher and the student because the y can both learn so much from each other. The student could learn how to get through a problem by watch ing the teacher do it, or the teacher could learn to trust, or just have a good smile an d laugh everyday. Seeing the children grow up is one of the most special things a teacher can wi tness because knowing that the teacher can impact the kids for their whole life, just makes e verything seem more important.

Also the teacher can watch the kids throughout the year and ook at them at the beginning and the end and realize that what the teacher has said over the yea r, changed the actions Of the students. Feeling special when the students smile may be the gr eatest sight during the day because a random smile by a student can spark the teachers’ flame a nd make the teacher feel so much better every single day. The earnings include a y ear with a national median of 52,000 dollars a year with no hourly pay.

Some schools als o offer the extra pay to sports coaches or to teachers who attend fairs, or school activities. The earnings are just a onus to what a teacher can learn everyday from their students. The negative aspects to being a teacher include very few items. The safety of t he school and the increasingly demanding curriculum requirements. The safety of the s chool will impact the teachers’ day because they always have to be careful when walking throu gh the halls so the teacher does not get hurt, or they have to be on the look out for kids getting n fights.

The majority of schools have the protective System where teachers do not have to be cautious, but there are the slim number of schools that cannot control the fighting or the u nsafe environment. The demanding for curriculum requirements may have a negative impact on a teacher because teachers sometimes want to have their own plan and own way of teaching an d the requirements will bend their way of teaching.

During the end of the school year, schools hav e the big test to test the knowledge Of what the students have learned throughout the year an d the teacher could get frustrated trying to teach in the way the state wants them to teach. Overal l, there are not many negative aspects to becoming a teacher, but the few can impact somebody a I The method of becoming a teacher does not require many extra years of colle e, teaching does not require an internship but it is heavily expected if the teacher does ju st so they have a little bit of experience with the job, and major in the subject you are teaching.

For becoming a teacher, a teacher needs to have a bachelor’s degree, which is 4 extra years of college, a teacher would have to complete a teacher education program, which can be complete d in almost every college, and have a state teaching license. Becoming a teacher does not requi re internships but they are heavily expected. Not every school has an internship program so tha t is the reasoning for it not being required. When becoming a teacher, you should major in the s ubject you want to teach so then the teacher would have background information on everything.

The road to becoming a teacher is a tough process but in the end, it all works out. My research has definitely made my decision to pursue a teaching career stro nger because of all of the amazing benefits the teaching industry would give me. I li ke that the career pays a great amount of money for doing something that would be so much fu n. I do not like that you have to get a bachelor’s degree but I understand why I would need one. I think I would fit nto this career very easily because I have been told that I am good at helping people get through problems.

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