The Human Resource Management of Bashundhara Group Assignment

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All aspects of employment within the Company are governed on the basis Of merit, competence and qualification. 1 1 -Recruitment All decisions with respect to recruiting, hiring and promotions for all jobs are made solely on the basis of individual qualification related to the requirements of the position, likewise, the administration of all other HRS matters such as compensation, benefits, transfers, reduction-in- force, recall, training, education and social/ recreational programs are free from any discriminatory practices. Staff Development 12. Training & Differentiations and Development is focused on helping employees perform better.

The objective of all Training and Development activities is to develop human resources for sustained performance improvement. The performance management process enables Appraisers to meet specific development objectives by: a. Linking all ‘Training and Development’ to performance objectives. B. Proportioning Training and Development’ events in terms of business imperative. C. Assessing the contribution made by ‘Training and Development. 13. Performance Management System Every Appraise, at all levels, is managed in line with the following principles of performance management process: a.

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The performance objectives of every Appraiser are aligned with the team and organizational goals. B. Formal objective setting and review discussions take place between Appraiser and Appraiser quarterly and incorporate multiple inputs where possible. C. Appraises are managed on a day-to-day basis according to the principles of the performance management process. D. Standards to be met by Appraises Key Performance Indicators – Kips which incorporates: (1 ) Customer expectations. (2) All relevant Company, professional of legislated standards. 3) And those agreed between the Appraiser and the Appraise. E. Pay and incentive rewards are closely linked to performance, these are determined as an Outcome of the Performance Management process. F. The Appraiser maintains a Performance Management Record for each Appraise, which contains both formal Performance Management Document and informal notes about the Appraiser’s performance. The Appraise has right of access to this record. G. The Appraisers Performance Management Record is reviewed by the Appraiser’s Appraiser at least once a year and preferably quarterly. . The performance Management Process is based on joint discussion and comment between the Appraiser and the Appraiser, and here is a joint responsibility for its occurrence. 14. Performance Review Performance Review is conducted quarterly and minimum once a year, along with provision for half yearly or quarterly review against documented Crass and Kips. It will be through a joint discussion between Appraiser and Appraise conducted in private. Outcome and comments are documented and signed by both parties. Staff Obligation and Discipline 1 5.

Staff Responsibilities and Obligation Bash Andorra Group maintains certain standards regarding job attitude and performance. The following listing describes some of such expectations: 16. Working Beyond Office Hours Generally, it is expected that the normal job load would make an individual finish his/her works within office hours. However when necessary, efforts to be made to schedule works beyond office hours with prior intimation so that, the management staff required to work beyond office hours can adjust their schedules. 17. Performance Performance Of all employees is reviewed by their supervisors.

Employees should be encouraged to discuss their performance with their supervisors any time they are concerned about how they are being evaluated. 18. Safety, Health & Environment All employees are expected to comply with the company’s safety procedures, to work in safe manner and to report any safety procedures, to work in safe manner and to report any safety breach or concerns to their supervisors. 19. Personal Conduct As a part of employment responsibilities, employees are expected to maintain good relationship with colleagues, acceptable behavior with customers and those having business with the Company.

If an employee has access to or is authorized to use Bash Andorra Group supplies, funds etc, honesty and integrity is expected. 20. Identity Card All employees while on duty are instructed to carry their identity cards provided by the Company. Claiming for a duplicate ID card would require a requisition explaining the missing incident along with a copy of ‘General Diary’ (GO) and TX. 500/-. 21 . Terms and Conditions of Service Every employee is issued with the terms and conditions Of service at the time Of his/her appointment which is required to be signed by him/her on each and every page as an expression of acceptance.

These are always binding on him/her while on the service. 22. Work Assignment No employees should refuse to work which may be assigned to him/her whether of the same, lower or higher grade. 3. Standards of Conducts Pachysandra Group are committed to follow a set of core values – their guiding principles. These outline how they expect their people to treat their customers, suppliers and markets, their fellow employees, shareholders, and the communities in which they work and live. The code of conduct is based on important social, environmental and good governance business principles.

Radian’s employees have a personal responsibility to ensure they understand these principles and comply with Radiant’s standards of conduct. 24. Office Attendance All Management Staff are required to work as per the mime set in respective work space. No employee shall leave the establishment during working hours without prior permission. Attendance of all employees at all the locations is recorded electronically through time punch/ID card both at the time of reporting for duty and at the time of departure after the end of his/her duty.

Where there is no electronic attendance control machine yet, attendance to be recorded in the Attendance Register by marking self- attendance and counter signed by supervising management staff. 25. Mooneye Discipline All employees must follow the Company’s work isolations, practices, procedures and established codes Of conduct. Infringement of these will render an employee liable to disciplinary action. 26. Safety Policy Pachysandra Group regards the health and safety of its employees, temporary workers, contractors and customers as number one priority.

Company policy is to have a safe and healthy working condition for everyone and committed to a number of principles: a. No business activity will come before safety. B. All workplace injuries and occupational illnesses are preventable. C. People are the most critical element in the success of the health and safety process. . Safety audits will be conducted on a regular basis. E. Everyone has a responsibility for safety. F. All Radiant systems and procedures are to comply with the relevant health and safety legislation. 7. Grievance Procedure A grievance is any discontent or sense of injustice felt by an employee in connection with his employment in the organization. It is a dissatisfaction which an employee feels when he/she believes, rightly or wrongly that he/she has not been treated fairly concerning his/her seen rarity, hours of work, leaves and holidays, eligibility and Other related terms or notations of employment or when he/she believes a mistake has been made in the administration of a rule, plan or a Company policy.

Salary and Other Benefits 28. Salary Administration Pay roll is prepared, administered and authorized by the designated person in HRS Department. Salary payments to employees are made on monthly basis preferably through bank transfer. Individual salary information is to be kept confidential and cannot be divulged to any other person in the Company. 29. Car Scheme Certain categories of management staff may be assigned Company vehicles which would allow them to facilitate their job related activities and transportation.

Brand new or re-conditioned vehicles can be bought by the Company or the employee may be given a loan to buy the vehicle depending upon the local situation and approved investment budget. 30. House Hold Asset Allowance Permanent employees of upper grade are entitled with house hold asset allowance as per the approved rates. 31 -Group Term Insurance All permanent employees who have completed a minimum 1 year of service (from the date of joining) will be entitled to group term insurance as per the rules. 32.

Gratuity All permanent employees having served the company for 5 year r more is entitled with the payment of gratuity at the time of separation of employment with the company. Gratuity is paid on the basis of the length of employment and the last basic salary/wages drawn of the employee according to a fixed and predetermined scale. 33. Provident fund Permanent employees are required to join the company’s provident fund on confirmation into permanent employment after completion of probationary period. The employee subscribe to the fund by providing 7. % of their basic salary every month up to 5 years of service and 10% after 5 years of services to which an equal amount is added by the many as the company contribution which to be paid in total to the employee. 34. Medical support Consultation, medicines and treatment to all permanent employees and their family as prescribed by a registered doctor are provided by the company. No bill is admissible if not claimed within two months. Permanent employees are entitled to take a medical support of maximum TX. Peppered calendar year. 35. Marriage gift Marriage gift queue is entitled to one getting married for the first time.

Amount is determined by the management time to time as per the grade. 36. An Duty Facilities Whenever management staff is required to travel on many businesses he/ she is entitled to the fixed policy and margin. Both for the domestic and abroad there is different policy and ceiling is set. For the domestic transport the coach and accommodation ceiling is different for the upper and lower grade Of employees. International trip is authorized by the chairman/MD. LEAVE 37 Standard Service Year The standard service year starts from 1st January and ends on 31 SST December. 8. Public Holidays Company observes public/ Festivals Holidays commensurate with the gobo. Declared holidays and is announced yearly by the Company. 39. Annual Leave An employee is entitled to 21 days annual leave in a standard service year. Extend of annual leave at a stretch varied Department / Function wise. Details are available with HRS Department. 40. Sick Leave An employee is entitled to 14 days sick leave in a standard service year, which, if unavailable during the year can neither be carried forward to the next year as accumulated sick leave. 1 . Casual Leave An employee is entitled to 10 days casual leave in a standard service year. Casual leaves are due and can be availed in the current service year and it can never be encased nor carried forward to the next year. 2. Maternity Leave A female employee is entitled to eight weeks parental including the day of delivery of the child and eight weeks post-natal immediately following the day of delivery as maternity leave with full pay. 43. Leave without pay Leave without pay may be granted on very special cases when there is no leave due.

Terms and conditions will also vary from case to case. 44. Leave fare assistance All permanent employees who have completed a minimum one year of service are entitled to leave fare assistance.

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