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More and more employers are recognizing the value of their employees working flexible hours because productivity differs from one person to the next. Adapting positively to changes has become an obligatory life skill in the business world, and most employees like the advantages that flexible and telecommuting provided in their daily lives. They can take care of family obligations and personal needs, and at the same time be productive and an asset to their company. Working changes can be positive when controlled by the individual. Sometimes things may appear to be out of control, and individuals need to assert control and be accountable for their own actions. At Best Essay Forum, We provide the best custom essays, case study and projects for our clients, which are 100% Plagiarism free as our professional writers write them. Custom essays, case study and projects are written by qualified degree holders of bachelors, Masters and PhD. They produce your academic assignments with much attention by fulfilling the requirements.

Organizations can gain a competitive edge by showing employees how to manage their time and feelings and take advantage of workplace changes. Human Resources professionals Cali Ressler and Jody Thompson thought up the idea for a flexible working environment, which is less formal than a conventional workplace. This flexible work environment does not require employees to be in the office on the regular 9-5 basis. Employees can work wherever and whenever they want to, provided their work is completed and submitted on time and meets the company’s performance criteria.

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The benefits of “results only” suggest, this particular work environment is result oriented, and does not take into consideration time spent in the office. An employee can take a break when needed, instead of trying to work on company time when he/she does not feel like working. They can start working again when they feel that they can be more productive, which benefits the company and the employee. When employees make their own work schedules, they always finish their work quickly and do it efficiently. Statistics have proved that companies have seen their productivity rise by as much as 41%.

Added to this is the fact that voluntary turnover rates have gone down by as much as 90%. The statistics prove the advantage of such an environment. This has also enhanced the morale of employees because they feel valued by their company for fulfilling their allocated tasks efficiently and in time. With the pressure of a fixed schedule lifted off their shoulders, they can work at their convenience. This has resulted in employees making their best efforts and being more productive and efficient. Employees are also more loyal to companies where they feel valued and wanted. Flexible working hours encourages talented employment seekers to work for particular companies because they can work when it suits them best.

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