The Empowerment Effort-Sportsgear Assignment

The Empowerment Effort-Sportsgear Assignment Words: 396

Sportsgear was proclaim a new era of empowerment at the company. Sportgear had a host problems. Marketshare was declining in the face of foreign and domestic competition. New product was scarce , each department barely to speak one to another, morale was low and resumes had been flying out the door. Eventhough one of CEO at Sportsgear is starting with installing improved information technologies then pushing for customer service excellence. unfortunately one of CEO disagree with empowerment effort and he also did not understand the artistic process.

But he is very loyal and also barrier to company. Company is moving slowly at delivery products to stores and making design changes. Company is deciding to use consultant to solve empowerment problems. Empoewrment it self is an act of building, developing and increasing power through cooperating, sharing and working together. As manager they act as a coach, facilitator, resource developer. On the other hand they are also able to informing, evaluating, dan motivating people around the company.

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Team members learned about the business by studying marketing, design, manufacturing and sales information. Visited a number of sportgear stores and talked with salespeople and customers. The aspiration for empowerment is good idea for company. Generating new idea, new spirit, new energy working with collagues in new and creative ways. Building developing and increasing power through cooperating, sharing and working together. Trust is outcome, something that develops gradually in organizations that are well designed and well led.

The purpose of developing solutions that help other people do a better job of carrying out of company’s work. Company have adopted TQM or empowerment programs. SportsGear has indicated made some tactical mistakes in implementing empowerment. As a manager do not leave the meeting room the presentation. As a consultant they should give actual practice and real training and feedback of empowerment. However, the main problem at SportGear ia an add on.

The empowerment can running successfully if they do not throw an organization into a chaos. At the moment sportgear has running unsuccessfully due to the distribution of decision making authority has not changed,the design of work and assignment of responsibility for work outcomes have remained unaltered and no revision of compensation. Kreitner, Robert & Kinicki , Angelo 2007. Organizational Behaviour, 8th Edition Boston Irwin McGraw Hill Brinkman, Rick & Kirschner, Rick 2002. Dealing with People You Can’t Change McGrawHill,

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