The Education System Needs Serious Reforms Assignment

The Education System Needs Serious Reforms Assignment Words: 692

Over time, a student’s education and the education system In which he or she Is brought up In has drastically changed for the worst. Compared to the education system they had In the medieval times, the grading system that we have now Is not great at all. Also affecting the educational system Is technology because It provides easy access for students to popularize. Between the grading system and the technology dependency, the educational system hasn’t provided the best education.

Throughout my schooling career, I have seen countless cases of students receiving grades that they clearly didn’t deserve. There were kids who got better grades because they would cheat their way through tests and homework and there were kids who clearly knew the material, they were Just lazy and were fine with receiving a bad grade. Because of these experiences, I have drawn the conclusion that the grading system has nothing to do with how much you learned in a class or how smart you are.

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In the essay, “A proposal to Abolish Grading,” Goodman while talking about he grading system in medieval times shares, “My philosophic impression is that the medieval thought they knew what a good Job of work was and that we are competitive because we do not”(Goodman 72). From this impression, it can be concluded that the only reason for the grading system is for the competition between students and not for the benefit of education for the students.

From Goodman argument, the grading system is only hurting the students and the educational system. Aside from the grading system, technology has also contributed to the struggle tit the educational system. Now and days, a student can search for anything on the Internet, Including answers for homework or tests. While It’s always good to check your work to see if you did it right, that Is the last thing students are doing with the answers they find online.

Copying the answers Is not Just cheating, but the students aren’t learning anything either. Technology has also contributed to many accounts of plagiarism with essays and other written work In school. In the article, “Plagiarism Lines Blur for Students In Digital Age,” Gabriel gives many different cases of legalism and even gives the statistic, “about 40 percent of 14,000 undergraduates admitted to copying a few sentences In written assignments(Cables 2),” when talking about a study done by a professor at Rutgers university.

That’s a lot of students who have popularized and onto not all of them, that’s just at one college. Gabriel even talks about a German author who admitted to popularizing in her best selling novel. Technology has definitely opened the doors for plagiarism and students are opposite is happening. Not producing their own work is hurting them as well as their education. Technology isn’t viewed as such a bad thing for education to everyone though.

In the essay, “Literacy Debate: Online, R U Really Reading,” Rich states the other side of the argument when saying, “What is different now, some literacy experts say, is that spending time on the Web, whether it is looking up something on Google or even brainteasers. Org, entails some engagement with text(Rich 1). ” Although reading online sources and websites is technically still reading, many things online are very relevant to education or can also help wreck attention spans like mentioned in this essay.

Yes there are some pros when it comes to the internet and education, but between the ability to cheat easily online and it help wrecking students’ attention spans, there are a lot more cons. Between the educational system and use of technology we have now compared to the medieval educational system and use of technology, it has only gone downhill. Although technology is a lot more advance now, it is being used in the wrong ways hat ultimately takes away from the student’s educational experience.

Through Gabrielle examples of plagiarism and Goodman impression of the grading system, it is very clear that the education system has struggled.

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