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We tend to give more attention and credit to someone who has a lot of MD or PHD at the end of his or her name. Society has put so much pressure on a higher education because the world that we live in today demanded as much. We see our future based on the degree Of improvements we can accomplish and to get there we need people who have the skills, the commitment, and the ability to carry us there. We need college education.. There is a point in every student’s life in high school when college becomes a tough decision.

Whether it’s the process of picking out a college or seceding where to go for college. It can be a cruel experience and the worry doesn’t end there. The apprehension offending your way around campus, getting use to the campus life and even making friends can be exhausting. These Pitman are usually the uncertainties that many students faced. The ones who are already in college though are faced with looming deadlines and quizzes on top of exams and such. The successful student is a master of navigating through the college life smoothly without the unnecessary stress.

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College offers many potential benefits such as a chance to interact with different people and ideas, a chance of creating lifelong connections and the opportunity to learn how to balance the stress and gain self-confidence of when you do really go out in the real world. College is a very tough and emotional experience and learning how to deal with for four years can be very rewarding in the end. Every college in this country offers many programs and support to make college easier and less stressful. Take this campus for instance; we have numerous programs such as SSP and PALS dedicated to make the college experience more durable.

We also have a counseling center or emotional support a financial office for financial opportunities. There are also numerous workshops and seminars on effective ways to deal with stress and seek out a balance between your social and academic lifestyle. It doesn’t have to be that bad of an experience though others may argue differently. We struggled so much to save up to pay for college with the hopes that one day we will end up in a corner office with bay windows and ridiculous wall paintings and a fat expense account.

Basically you throw away four good years deprived of a good home-cooked meal, getting less than eight hours of leap and basically spending most of each day worrying about the next project, the next assignment or quiz. We’re not going to even mention exam times. It can Pitman take on a psychological toll on you. In four years time, you walk down the aisle with a piece of paper with your name on it and then if you are one of those high achievers you must’ve have already enroll in graduate school by then.

There goes another four years of the same cycle only this time it’s a lot harder but unlike prison you don’t get early parole on good behavior or grade. College can be very stressful and many times you are clueless of what s going on but learning how to balance and prioritize can actually help make the process smoother. It is college that we get a taste of what the real world has in store for us. Whether we are prepared to take on the challenge after graduation or not are up to how well and we manage and build character.

Depending on what we want out of life, our college experience and education will help us get there. College is also the mother lode of a variety of interracial community all bunched up into one. Each college prides itself on the diversity of its students. The more diverse the student body is the more successful this exchange of ideas and opinions that goes on in the classroom and school related activities. This campus has quite a diverse student population where the exchange of ideas can be seen all over campus.

People with different cue Titters and tradition and perspectives all working together to come up with brilliant ideas and activities. Our international night held every spring is an example. For two nights, the community is exposed to all these rich and vibrant cultures from all over the world. We get to judge, appreciate and most importantly learn from this experience. We didn’t get to travel all the way to Tahiti to experience this cultural wonder it is right here on our very stage. College exposes you to different people and Ideas and helps build self- confidence throughout the interaction.

Pitman It is also possible to get this kind of experience through interaction in the community but not likely to the extent that a college environment might provide. Churches, various interest groups and clubs do have this mixed varieties but their purposes are usually focused on one particular thing whereas in college you have a wide variety of activities to pick from. College is where most people meet new and different people. Most colleges offer the chance for people with mutual interests to meet and socialize through various clubs.

Most colleges and university also have fraternities and sororities. These value groups are committed to each other for a lifetime. They are people who shared the same values, the same vision and will be there for each other even after college. Once you’re a member of these groups you are in it for life no matter where it takes you. Fraternities and sororities are not the only way to make great connections in college. Many colleges have internship programs that help students develop and advanced heir job learning skills.

Having an internship and great references on your resume after graduation will improve your chances of landing a great job. College is also the place to make friends. Many people still keep in touch with their college buddies and roommates even after settling down. These are the people whom you might stay up late studying with or watching a scary movie. These are also the people who might pitch in a dollar for a keg of beer. The college experience doesn’t have to be lonely and making friends will most likely make the stay more exciting. Pitman

Although college is not the starting point of your life and may have made many great friends prior to college, college friends can be more mature and might share the same academic goals that you do unlike a high school friend or a childhood friend. These college friends may offer great advise on which courses to take or which professors are the best. A childhood friend can be someone you can hang out with when you go home for thanksgiving or rant to about troubles at home. These connections you make in college can serve a greater purpose later on in life.

Whether you’re in need Of a place to stay or commendations from an old boss, they can come pretty handy. Going to college is a big step for most people. When you spend your whole life under the wings of your parents, the idea of spending the next two or four years in unfamiliar territory can be terrifying. Learning to deal with stress and manage your time wisely is a very effective to cope with all the chaos of deadlines and due dates. Meeting new people exposes you to a whole different level of thinking and it can be enlightening as well as fun. New people means a whole new different set of ideas and values that might differ from your own.

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