The Arrogant Management of a Company: An Analysis Assignment

The Arrogant Management of a Company: An Analysis Assignment Words: 703

Beth found out that working in this environment was a “rat race”. She discovers that the morale of the employees was drastically reduced due to the attitude and bad behavior of the management members. Nevertheless, there are many things that Beth learned during her walk through the factory. There are couples of scenarios though at the factory that Beth disagreed with and found it difficult to support any long term contract agreement between Epic communication and the supplier facility. These are as follows: Management member of suppliers facility are unfriendly and not approachable, therefore employees tend to avoid such managers.

This act of rudeness behaviors demonstrated by the management staff demoralizes employee’s efforts and negatively affects efficiency of staff members. However, Beth could recall other suppliers facility she previously visited was a friendly environment. Another negative thing that Beth witnessed was posters and rugs that were pasted on the walls displayed the company in a negative ways. For example, there are Zero Defects with a smiling cartoon character holding a wrench which completely against Deming School of thought (practice). Beth also found out that member of the management and mployees were not up to date in their training program.

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In other words, most staffs were not participating in the employees’ development program such as seminar, and workshop. Moreover, Michael behaviors demonstrate lack of professionalism when one of its staffs had an accident in the factory. It occurs when a high pressure holes came off from the machine and spread all over the floor in the factory. Michael was upset, angry and criticizes the operator for his ineptness. The operator was disgraced in the public instead to be called into the office and enlighten on how to handle such problem in he future. This indicates that the managements are unprofessional in dealing with staff.

Another obvious major problem in the factory was the lack Of organization, where the preventive maintenance documents were mixed with the records of repairs. This means that the management failed to focus on the safety of its confidential documents. In fact, the management was unaware that it documents data have been missing for six weeks. In addition, Beth was unhappy when Michael proved ignorance after she requested for documents on the maintenance of the production line. Beth further notices hat employees conducted testing and inspections regularly.

This means that employees continue to be inspected, reworked or scrapped their unfinished project that are completely out of control. Furthermore, another employee dropped a printed circuit board and put the board back as if nothing actual happed to the production line. Luckily, an employee named Martha was in- charge of managing the quality record was able to retrieve the scrap record for immediate processing. Nevertheless, Beth was able to find out how incapable this supplier’s facility company was, when she asked Michael to roduce some information about how the company handle scrap; which he told Beth to wait for couple of days.

This signifies that supplier’s facility is hiding some financial records that he might want to amend before given it out to Beth. Beth realized her past experience with similar companies that Were able to pull up specific process information immediately with the online ISO 9001 document system. Aside from the major problems enumerated above, upper management was reluctant to invest to send it staff to visit the supplier’s facility. This is due to fact that it cost the company more money to ay for the expenses it staff will incur during the completion of the assignment.

This is because most companies keep track of its expenditures; especially upper management travelling expenses can eat up the bottom line of such company. In conclusion, company can overcome the reluctant aspect that hinders management support to visit supplier’s facility in so many ways. One of the ways is for the management not to focus on the cost in the short run rather the benefit it would accrue in the long run. Furthermore, by visiting supplier’s facility, company would be able to examine the company s ook records, and their true ways of doing business.

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