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As you may know my name is Terry Alley. I am the CEO of Tests, the largest British supermarket chain. I helped Tests on the right track by devising and implementing the Tests Cellular loyalty program. I’m standing here today, not only to sell you a product or to convince you that my idea of a supermarket is the best. No today I’ll introduce you too whole new lifestyle. A lifestyle for everyone who knows the importance of buying the right groceries and who doesn’t want to waste their money on overpriced products.

These people are he modern woman with 2 children and a full time Job, the big family of 7 people who all like quality, the man who knows what he wants. These people are you and I. I remember when I was a kid and had to go shopping with my mom for my brothers and me. There was not one time where we got home after going to one of the grocery shops, because the shops were always missing something that we needed. This isn’t a problem for some people who got all the time in the world, but the modern shopper doesn’t have the time to go to 5 different stores to get everything they need.

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That’s why, ladies and gentlemen, I’m very happy to share this idea of the modern shopper’s first choice of shopping, with you. Retailing is becoming more and more spread out all over the world, and last year the head priorities of retail supermarket chains were organic. You can now get almost any sort of food organic, from organic vegetables to dairy. It is what the consumers want. We are Just responding to the consumer’s demands, by giving them the opportunity to live a healthier life with organic products.

The consumers now want carbon calories, which the shops of course should respond to, like they did when the organic products were introduced. People want to be seen with expensive and healthy products, which make them seem nicer and they seem better off when they have bought these new kinds of products that cost more than the usual. We are not the best nor the cheapest, we are in the middle like many of our customers. We try as hard as we can to please our customers and forefeet their needs.

To achieve some of our goals, we can reduce our price by noticing more customers to buy green and thereby increasing volume and still earn the same money as usual and with a better purpose. A very important thing for the retail outlets today is packaging. Lots of shops loose thousands of money, because they don’t have the right set of packaging, and therefore they have to throw lots of their products out the window. In some developing countries they even throw 20 percent of their food products out because of the inappropriate packaging.

All these products that are being trashed is estrogen the environment, therefore I will Just give you an example of a the year only thrown out 1 percent of their food products because they have done something about the packaging, and by this hopefully many shops will follow Deco’s idea and it will save their companies’ capital. At last even though it will cost extra when you are improving the packaging, I think it would increase the corporations’ capital.

Still we hope that other supermarkets will follow and do the same because this is not competition, but a way to help our country being healthier and do something about the concerns about our country’s problem with obesity with a healthy-eating message. Neither has it ever been my intension to be the reason of many shops closings, but making it so easy for people to do all their shopping at the same place is a dream coming true for many of us. Imagine a place for everybody to get all they need without him or her having to think about if we have it because they know that we do.

Think of a place providing everything from food to clothes to furniture to insurance to banking and maybe even houses. Not only is this making it easier for our customers to get what they need, but also make them feeling a lot safer and they are therefore more willing to pay whatever, now that they know the quality of our products. I am not embarrassed about Deco’s success. We are a great British success story. We don’t want to be part of a well-managed decline; we want this company to be the best in the world.

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