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My discussion of naming practices among Tswana groups in Botswana will begin with a brief discussion of pre-colonialism, the colonial and post-colonial dynamics during the twentieth century. The article will then examine the factors that that underlie naming processes and the selection of names in contemporary Botswana. This will be achieved through a review of literature on linguistic evolution as well as through informal discussions among older and younger generations. Negotiations of gender identities will be a cross-cutting theme throughout the discussion. Definitions of Key Terms

Name: a word or a combination of words by which a person, place, or thing, a body or class, or any object of thought is designated, called, or known. (http:// dictionary. reference. com/) Naming Processes: the cultural factors associated with assigning names to human beings. Gender: the social aspects of differences and hierarchies between female and male (Macionis and Plumber, 2003: 707). Gender Identity: The societal and/or subjective states in which one is regarded as a woman or man; a boy or girl. Gender identity is a combination of biological anatomy and socialisation Giddens, (1991);

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Macionis and Plumber, 2003). Setswana Naming Practices in the Past This section will focus on pre-colonial, colonial and post-colonial dynamics and their influences on naming during the twentieth century. Pre-Colonial Otlogetswe, T. (2013) “Naming practices in Botswana”. Journal of African Studies Vol. 1 (3). 23 -44. This article discusses the socio-cultural and linguistic significance of naming in Botswana. It discusses the impact of culturally-based patriarchy on naming processes. NB: Use the sub-topics and literature from Assignment one to complete the process. A conclusion is not necessary at this point.

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