Technology is taking over the World Assignment

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We are currently in a technological age. Electronics are now used to complete everyday tasks from cooking to even cleaning. In the kitchen, there are refrigerators that keep vegetables crisp and can tell what the weather forecast for the week Is. Everyday vacuum cleaners now have the latest in “cyclone technology” and some can even clean a house while one takes a nap. However, no one area has utilized technology as much as primary and higher educational systems. No longer do classes have chalkboards, rulers, and textbooks.

They have been replaced for smart boards, erectors, tablets, e-books, and a variety of other gadgets. This use of technology, for the most part, Is a benefactor for the students because they are able to attain a much richer education and understand concepts better than before through hands on exercises. However, relying solely on technology without human input may result differently. Distance learning is an ineffective and unsecured substitute to a physical college/university because they don’t provide the long-term knowledge or hands on experience that prepares students for post-secondary careers or relationships.

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Even though technology is a large part of society today, interactions with real life people, through verbal communication Is Ideal to obtain a happy and successful life. Distance learning is mainly completed through the computer and rarely allows for a student to gain the proper communication skills needed to succeed after the class. In a Job interview they look for strong communication skills, as well as an educated background. On the Job, a keyboard and screen Sari 2 can’t be used to convey ones thoughts and ideas. Another natural part of life, creating social bonds, requires an individual to communicate with others.

This can’t be practiced when a glass screen separates two people, miles away from each other. These valuable skills can only be gained through a classroom environment where people talk and ideas are put out and either accepted or debated by peers, as I have come to learn. Last semester I took a blended CPRM and first aid class. There were a total of 5 classes and the rest of the course was completed online. The task at hand was to teach my self how to save a person’s life by reading an entire textbook and taking some tests online.

The physical classes were all rushed because we were covering over 100 pages in two hours. In a class where the gained knowledge is intended to be used for practical use, it becomes very hard to do so when there is an insufficient amount of hands on experience. Reading about bandaging an appendage or stopping a wound is not the same as having a physical bandage in your hand, going around a person’s limb, learning the effective movements and techniques. I remember little bits and pieces still, but a large amount of information has already been lost In a matter of months.

The reason for this Is because everything was learned in a matter of days instead of being spread out like an ordinary class. The information was stored in the short term part of the brain rather than long term sensory motor area where physical interactions are placed. Because of this, I’m not able to use a lot of information learned in future instances of danger. Similar negative feelings of online classes are portrayed by writers of higher position around Some people tend to have very strong emotions toward this subject and end up writing literary pieces that get published.

Suzanne M. Kelly and Marilyn Karakas, both well recognized writers, point out some very important differences and benefits of a rotational university education. Kelly speaks about the physical characteristics of some students in her class that can’t Sari 3 be seen online. By seeing actual students, there is an indirect learning that can’t be acquired through a computer. Kelly states “what does it do to our discussions when bodies are hidden behind computers and software-when the sensuous classroom is lost” (178)?

When discussing about societal issues, it’s a huge benefit to see an actual class that is a small representation of the larger population. Having tangible things to compare is always better than a digital substitute. Karakas on the other hand speaks about the difference between online courses and physical classes. The main differences she describes is, “a university education involves, among other things, debate, discussion and an exchange of ideas among classmates and professors, both inside and outside the classroom” (Karakas 180).

This tie’s directly with the fact that online classes don’t provide enough verbal communication to succeed in times of physical contact. Taking online courses will not have as much, if any, verbal communication as the regular class setting. However in most cases, online classes ay provide a better opportunity for ideas to be shared because shy students don’t have to actually speak; ideas trapped in the shy minds of some geniuses would be free and expressed to the rest of the world. This would only be a temporary release of ideas, but it could create very interesting chats online.

Many students have experienced and possibly been drawn in for that fact. Students choose to take online courses for various reasons. One large part of the population is parents who have kids to take care of. They believe it’s impossible to attend a traditional class because of time restraints. While they may argue that distance learning is a better option because they allow for a more flexible schedule, many colleges, such as MAC, have adjusted their systems to accommodate for people in similar scenarios. One adjustment is the times classes are offered.

From around eight in the morning to eight at night there are classes offered to allow students to take it at a reasonable time and fit their busy schedule. Some classes Sari 4 are even offered during weekends if weekdays tend to be overly hectic. Another program created provides childcare while the parent is in class. If the main problem, he child, is taken care of, why should it stop someone from learning in a classroom setting? Having an instructor during tests allows for security from test fraudulence as well as a better understanding of the subject.

Other benefit of being in a class is the control the professor has on the timeline. This rigid time frame is sometimes required for some students to take initiative and complete an assignment. Aside from not having enough security, online courses have grown to be the lazy mans way out of an actual class. While some people have legitimate reasons, colleges have become ore understanding and adaptive towards those people by providing flexible hours and added programs for childcare.

Even though online courses may provide some short-term benefits like freely hindrance to the progression of a student as a fundamental member in society. If the majority of the population decided to take online courses, the nation would be filled with unresponsive, socially awkward individuals. They may have the necessary knowledge, but will never be able to truly express themselves in an acceptable manor. The art of speaking will be lost to a world filled with brightly lit screens.

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