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Technology has become an extra limb, which has changed the way of living in all aspects. Every sector is adapting to technology to make things more efficient. Education sector is one of it, which started using technology Just for administration purpose and now it’s changing the way of teaching students. Technology getting involved in education has mixed influence on the student. This paper discusses about the negative and positive sides of how technology has changed education system. Technology and quality of learning

A research was conducted to find the impact of computer based learning on students. The results shows that students who learned through computer based learning scored more and learnt in a short span of time, but computer based learning did not work for all subjects . (Kulak, 1994, p. 4). When computer based learning has showed results back in 1994. Education with today’s technology has adapted new ways of learning such as projecting visuals and slides, access to wide range of study material, efficient administration, online courses and a list which goes on.

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Tutors are making use of the technology to convey things more straight and make students understand better. The administration department with the help of technology is being able to maintain a complete detailed record of a students, which helps tutors to access information of each student and help them. In few colleges the lectures are recorded and they are edited and posted online for further reference for the student. The university has changed the way it used to evaluate students.

The traditional way of writing exams has been changed. Nowadays student submit assignment through Internet, with the help of technology we are able to find the originality of the work. Students have more tuned to think on their own rather than coping others work. This new method has also the changed the way student’s think. Students have developed a new thought process, which is very effective. Education institution are adapting to current technology and coming up with new ways to teach people in an effective way.

In today’s world technology is like pen and paper, which is a tool for explore the world. (Warwick, 2014, Para. 9). Technology is now a part of our education system, which takes learning process to the next level. Students have access to material such as eBooks, Journals, article, videos, voice memo’s and online teaching. Students can search about topics through different medium, which creates more scope for student to master concepts they are not sure about. Students having access to technology at a very young, they develop proficiency toward using technology.

Students were able to search content faster and use various software to improve their learning. Growing universities Technology has made the world into a very small place. University have not only used to technology for improve teaching, but also to market its university worldwide and bring more international students. University have tied with many consultancies around the world and organizing campaign over the globe to get in more international students. The universities main source of income is from international students, they pay more than the local students.

The numbers of international students studying in I-J has been increasing every year in vast difference. The universities are focusing more on developing countries like India, china, Japan, Burma ND other developing countries. Technology has been a tool for university and students for both of them to connect from miles away. Negative aspects of Technology Technology we use doesn’t limit us to use Just the study material. We get to do a wide range of activities with our laptops and phones.

Psychologists are finding new disorder related to social media, mobile phones and other gadgets. These sorts of issues would effect’s his academic performance. Many Universities have started providing online courses. They online courses have gained popularity due to their accessibility of learning from their comfort zone with the most minimal cost, which is also considered one of the reasons behind this genre of learning as students would always prefer to do what they can afford and things that’s available to them with ease.

The distraction is more when you study on your own. Learning is more effective when there is group interaction, so one would develop social skills and understanding different perspectives in a group. Many universities have started using Faceable for interacting, sharing information, societies and other activities. In India universities don’t have a portal, so use Faceable for communicating with students, so the distraction level is high compared to a university which has a own website for sharing information.

Tutors, who are not familiar with technology needs to cope with the fast changing technology and should be able to convey information using both verbal and visuals mixed in the right combination. Teacher who are very good at teaching verbally using a blackboard and tutors not possessing a strong technological skill are falling to be as a teacher. Teaching is Just not using technology, it’s a balance between human and technology interaction. The art of teaching is reducing these days. Internet and education Social media is helpful to stay connected with people and exchanging information and views.

This could not be the case with everybody. Young people are developing social network addiction and developing disorder, which leads to neglect of personal life, escapism and tolerance. (, 2011, p. 68)Learning with the help of technology can be utilizes in a safe way by certain methods making the students to learn outside the gaming and social environment. Internet proving various sources of information asking the student from one topic to another might completely change the notion of what information the student had browsed the for initially.

This deviates him/her from the required necessary learning that is needed covering unwanted topics, which is not needed. Conclusion Technology has more positive than negative influence on the education system. Everything has got two faces, so it is our will to choose the right side. Technology has made our life simpler and easier in all aspects of life. The education system has become gained much out of the technology and has developed astonishing methods o teach students and manage students. The future is going to be unpredictable, so lets hope the education system shapes into a better.

On the other side students have a lot of scope to explore and access information within a second, which was not possible for great inventor decades ago. Possessing such powerful tool, students need to utilize them and make the best of it and give back to the society. Internet being a large medium it’s got a lot of room for one to go off track and develop addictions for gaming and social media. Which has been one of the common problems today’s generation youngsters are facing. Technology is changing every day; students need to know where to draw the line.

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